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I love how it goes………..

Hair: EXILE – Autumn Breeze at mainstore

Glasses: ZOOM – Grandmaster Glasses (Includes customization HUD) at The Mens Department November 2017

Cigarette : [ KUNST ] – Slim Cigarette at Mainstore

Choker: RH DESIGN HOUSE – [[RH]] Choker -Zipped- at mainstore

Coat: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Open Collar Coat (Includes V-neck Tank in 3 options) at Man Cave November 2017

Pants: RIOT – Syrio Men’s Leggings at Men Only Monthly October – November 2017

Puppy: JIAN – White Companion(7.) from Playful Pibbles Gacha, at mainstore

Soul Reaper

Six feet of earth makes us all equal.
~Italian Proverb

Soul Reaper


On Me:
The BedDread Hair by Olive @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Dress: Keely by AZUL @ Matsuri *New*
Planchette  head gem BY CRC @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Pose w/ Scythe: Scythe R9 by Poseidon @ We <3 Role-Play *New*

MATSURI YAGURA (stage) Full Decorated by [[RH]] Design House @ Matsuri *New*

Catsper - Playful [Wide Eyes Blep], Catsper - Standing [Swirly Eyes Blep] & Catsper - Stretching [Swirly Eyes] by [Akuma Drops] @ The Gacha Guild *New*

Every Waking Hour

All my fears come into view
There must be an end soon
And every waking hour
Is part of the lie

Every Waking Hour


On Me:
Skin: Milu - Catwa Head Applier - Bad Girl ( Polar ) On Catwa Lona by Glam Affair *New*
Aenice Outfit & Aenice Boots by Wicca's Wardrobe @ 4 Mesh *New*
Hair, No.46'16 by (red)Mint *New*
After Dark Choker Zipped by [[RH]] Design House
Stella tattoo by Nanika @ On9 *New*
Pose w/ Cigarette: Cigarette 1 by MILA

August Group Gift: Junk Yard Signs - Fix It Jesus, No Signs & Chickuns by Death Row Designs *New*

CSC - Trash can for ash by Soy

post apoc camp crashed plane, food supplies, pallet, sitting crates 3 & food prep by Death Row Designs

I count the days………..

Hair: ACTION – Von Hair at Summerfest 2017

Necklace: GABRIEL – Ringnecklace (6. from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 2016 AUG), Gacha at mainstore

Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB::KataHaori Set Kuro (Each set includes Koshikimono, Sarashi and Katahaori. TMP/SLink/Signature) , at Japonica Summer 2017

Geta: GABRIEL – ::GB::Takageta (male) Black , at Japonica Summer 2017

Sword: THE COVENANT REALM – [:TCR:] Vengeance : Blade of Judgement v1.3
( No longer available. Check out other weapons at [:TCR:] )


House: [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – Nihonkaoku, beautiful traditional Japanese Summer House at mainstore

All The Troubled Hearts

Trouble is a force you try to hide away.
Nowhere to avert your eyes.
But nothing in the night, is nothing in the day.
Everywhere the darkness cries.

I'm gonna make it up to you somehow
~ Daudi Matsiko

Celebrating the life we live.  Our spirit only lives once in this lifetime so enjoy it when you can.

All The Troubled People


On Me:
Nicole Hair by RunAway @ Hair Fair 2017 *New*
Headpieces: Hinotori Kanzashi by CerberusXing @ Japonica *New*
Blossom Okobo sandals with HUD by Astralia @ Japonica *New*
Pose: Candy Candy (Bonus) by Foxcity

House: Kominka-01 by Maru Kado @ Japonica *New*

OBANZAI Set: Kouya doufu Server- (dried tofu), Beer, Nimono Server- (knoted kelp) & karaage Server - (Fried chicken) by Monkey Banana @ Japonica *New*

KAZAGURUMA GACHA: -15-  b.v Yatai (red) RARE, & -10-  b.v Chochin stand (red) bu Bitter Vanilla @ Japonica *New*

Cat (Black) CHIGURA, & Cat (Black) Sit by [[RH]] Design House

Let me satisfy……………

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Coromuel (from Summer Hairplay Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Wings: CLAVv. – Dragon Wings (Rare from Dragon Warrior Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Shawl: CURELESS [+] – Cheshire’s Shawl (White, from Red Queen’s Realm Gacha) at mainstore

Top: [ RIDI-LUDI-FOOL ] – Juban (Men) Type D Black at mainstore

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Kuro(Black) at mainstore

Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Sleepless Tattoo at Somber Event June – July 2017

Pose: DEL MAY – Daggers Male at mainstore

Scene items:

Hanging decorative downsprout – [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – 10.Kusarotoi- rain chain (from Yuukaku Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Confetti: ART NAMED CAPERING – a.n.c Confetti (Shiny Shabby Colors, animation blowing) at mainstore

Hut: 8f8 – No Place Of Ours (Autumnal) from Subscription of Deco(C)rate November 2016


Better days down the way 
No more dreams no more heartbreaks 
Better smile better skin 
Better place your faith in us 
Better do it, better stop 
Better keep your spirits up 

Better things are always coming you just need to remain open to them or you miss it.



On Me:
Skin: Lily in Mocha by Belviso
Missy Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ The Chapter Four *New*
Bodysuit: Emily by The Forge @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Aura Eyepatch by Emo-tions @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Japanese Pipe Lotus by Silvery K @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Takara Wedges Fatpack RARE by Breathe @ The Arcade *New*
Akira Katana, Black Prints, RARE by The Forge
Pose: GSits Vol1-5 by Foxcity (Edited in Animare)

Garden Pagoda by 22769 @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Katana Display Bushido by [Soul Mates]
WA Candles, Nanten & Leaf Red, -Kuruwa- Kiseru set (Black), Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane-  (Gara) & IZAYOI- PLANT (Green) by [[RH]] Design House

Testing the waters….

Zen Creations, do an amazing variety of home furnishings, including outdoor, and today I am featuring the 'Japanese Ofuro Tub Room'.   A beautiful oriental outdoor space, with an amazing colour hud for your own decor choices  You can find the set 'here' on Market Place, which also displays an image of the colour hud.   The animations are the no pose ball system, with 174 couples animations and 19 single sand is 100% mesh.  

Items in the set include - Tub, Tap, Stone/Wood Base, Wooden Stool, Stone Pond, Rocks with Bamboo, House Statue, Dragon Wall Lantern, Japanese Walls (all different),  Stone Pathway, Floor Shelf, Grass, and Ground Terrain, and all pieces can be resized.   The items are all separate and can be moved about as you would like to use them....

Also, featured is the new hair style by Wasabi Pills called 'Lizzie', a cute bob style, casual with a cute little pony-bun for the fringe (bangs).   This hair can be found at The Seasons Story, which opens shortly (10th of April).  

MudHoney Cooper Body Brush
MudHoney Cooper Rolled Towels
MudHoney Cooper Shampoos
MudHoney Cooper Bath Bowl
[ keke ] spring flower 6 (gacha)
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
GD: Tea treat  - Sakura with green tea
(no information to be found)
Botanical - Dragonfly Emitter
[[RH]] MOMIJI -Maple- (Moss green)
Heart - WILD FLOWERS - Bunchberry - White @ Fameshed
Siamese Cat Lying

/Wasabi Pills/ Lizzie Mesh Hair (Lunar) @ The Seasons Story
erratic / allure - satin robe / rose (maitreya)
erratic / valentina - brassiere / rose (maitreya)
erratic / valentina - knickers / rose (maitreya)
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.0
~~ Ysoral ~~  .:Luxe Ring Lynna:.(Right)

oOo Studio: Ottoman Group Gift

Feels like its only yesterday…….


On Hikaru:
Hair: TRAM – G0220 Hair at The Crossroads Event March 2017 (Event Opening Soon)
Collar: CODEX – Avery Collar (Includes with/without RLV, Material HUD, Resize) at Kink(Y) Event February – March 2017
Ring (Left Index Finger): [ KUNST ] – Blake ring at mainstore
Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Unisex Accessories Gacha II, .01 Slim Cigarette Holder RARE at mainstore
Shirt: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Open Gothic Shirt Black for Men (Fitted for Classic Avatar and mesh body The Mesh Project/SLink/Signature/Aesthetic/ADAM) at Kink(Y) Event February – March 2017

On Marcus:
Hair: TRAM – F1124 Hair at mainstore
Shirt: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Open Gothic Shirt White for Men (Fitted for Classic Avatar and mesh body The Mesh Project/SLink/Signature/Aesthetic/ADAM) at Kink(Y) Event February – March 2017

Pose: RK POSES – When Nothing Else Matters, at mainstore

Items from Arcade March 2017:
• RH DESIGN HOUSE – Cafe In The Park Gacha
— 1. Cafe Building RARE
— 8. Counter
— 10. Dripping Coffee
• FASHIONABLY DEAD – Climbing Plant Brown from Country Spring Gacha
• CONSIGNMENT – Radio from Game Day Set Gacha


Only YOU know what is right for you. Only YOU know what brings you joy. Others have their suggestions, but they do not know what you know.
~Carol Adrienne

Creator's Collection Box opens on the 18th!!  Come and check out their anniversary round with some of the best Japanese designers in SL!!!



AGEMONOYA Gacha YASSAN- (daddy chicken) & PIYOTA- (baby chikin) by [[RH]] Design House *Coming Soon to the CCB*

On Me:
Sheryl Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Rewind: A 90's Event *New*
Akira Kimono Gacha Set: Kimono Prints Rare, Katana Rare,  Ninja Star, Mask, Bra, Boots, Panties, Neck Ribbon & Floating Lanterns by The Forge @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Pose: FFW The Warrior by Poseidon @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*