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magic things

magic things

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
~ W.B. Yeats


Ophelia Hair ~ TRUTH ~ now at Salem

Jill Dress ~ LFE

Moccasin Boots ~ Maitreya

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Lipa Applier ~ ItGirls ~ now at uber


The Dark Collection ~ THOR ~ only available through 2-November
Pumpkin Crate
Dark Trunk
Dark Shelf
Potions Recipes
Witch Books
Poison Sign
Witch Mortar
Dark Stacked Books
Round Clawfoot Table
Spider Venom Bottle
Victorian Velvet Armchair
The Witch Notes
Purple Ottoman
Salem the Cat
Poison Apple
Enchanted Leaves
Empty Cage
Vintage Rug
Ouija Tablet
666 Phone
Scattered Skull Sheets
Candle Jar
Sabbath Memories
Jar of Mummy Dust
Gothic Crow
Not Every Witch Poster
The Darkness
Memento Mori

fright night set ~ hive ~ now at The Epiphany
gothic room divider
witch shoes
gothic side table

Dark Elegance Set ~ zerkalo ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Cloche with Pumpkin
Snake Scales Martini
Rose Pillow

Floor Lamp (Dark) ~ DRD ~ Shadowbox (September)

Lace Curtain~ Knick Knacks

Friday Magic

I have a busy, and exciting, weekend ahead and I may need a little magic to help me along the way.  I like to take a little time over the weekend to think about what I’ve completed and managed to do in the week before – it’s part of how I recharge. I also think...

Rendezvous Girl

I say come on down, we’ll sashay through town
They call me the Rendezvous Girl
Got more power in my calendar
Than the queen herself

Rendezvous Girl


On Me:
Skin: :MILA:. /  PP  OCTOBER    -  SKIN SET by Pumec for October Lelutka Powder Pack *New*
The Midnight Gacha: Whisper Hair RARE by Beusy @ The Epiphany *New*
Hairbase: Chloe by Glory
Creepy Tee, Hocus by The Forge @ N21 *New*
Enid Shorts by Narcisse
Blood Alice Choker-HUNT item by Ayashi for Once Upon A Nightmare Hunt
Pose: SelfieStick Pose 4 by K&S


Moloch Bedroom Set Gacha: Bed, Tapestry, Mirror, Dresser, Lantern, Crystal Balls by Fetch @ Salem *New*

Destination Desirables Gacha: Selfie Stick (RED), Her Laptop, Neck Pillow (Black), Rideable Suitcase, Speaker Man (Red), Daddy's Coffee, Old Polaroid Camera, Savings Jar by Bad Unicorn @ N21 *New*

Chase the Clouds MadJuice RARE by Madpea @ N21 *New*

Witch home

We don’t really do Halloween in the UK. As a child, as we started to watch more American TV and see what Halloween meant in the States, my friends and I all wanted to ‘celebrate’ it more by dressing up and this ‘trick or treating’ thing we had heard about. I have no evidence for...

The Fear comes through Darkness

The Fear comes through Darkness


Skin: #PUMEC – XENA – Dead March – CATWA SKIN App.  **NEW!!** ❥

Head:  CATWA BENTO HEAD Lona 3.0

Hair: [RA] Cindy Hair – Fatpack  **NEW!!** ❥  We<3Roleplay




Outfit :
Leticia Armwrap, White
Leticia Bodice, White

Leticia Skirt, White
Leticia Leg Strap White

 **NEW!!** ❥ The Epiphany
Tattoo: Izzie’s – Slit Throat**NEW!!** ❥ Salem
Tattoo: -SU!- Nosebleed
Eyes: -SU!- Aure Eyes
-DRD- Spiritualists Shoppe-Fullset **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Counter **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Seance Table **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Potions Shelf – Full **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Curtain – Two **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Hanging Sigil – Hook Long **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Pentagram Chime – Wall Hook **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Web – A **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Web – B **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Web – C **NEW!!** ❥ Season of the Witch

Swamp Witch

Down in the bayou where the mangroves grow There’s talk of black voodoo, like Marie Leveau The Swamp Witch, is legend, she has magic so black That those who have seen her, have never come back There;s tales of the noises that come from the dark Of werewolves and zombies as rough as the bark…

Secrets of Bloodcroft

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.
~Bela Lugosi, Dracula

The old castle sits atop the tallest mountain in Transylvania.  You have heard all who explore it never come back.  What secrets lay waiting in the old ruins of the past?  Only one way to find out. 
Then you hear it.  Their sweet, calming song luring you into the night.
Come, please . . . venture inside our walls mortal . . . we await your arrival . . .

I wonder if Bela Lugosi's down there . . . :P

Secrets of Bloodcroft


Bloodcroft Castle Gacha:  Coffin - Three, Burning Skull Pit, Coffin - Two, Grande Chandelier, Wide Banner - Red, Wall Torch, Crypt Candles - One, Crypt Candles - Four, Crypt Candles - Two, Crypt Candles - Three, Castle RARE & Long Banner - Red by Death Row Designs *New*

The Bleeding Cross (Exclusive) by //Naberius// @ The Epiphany *New*

On Me:
Skin: Powder Pack CATWA OCT 2017 - Joanna (On Lona) by Amara Beauty *New*
Zombie Makeup & Eyes by Izzies for Powder Pack CATWA OCT 2017 *New*
Fright Night - Cosplay Edition: Goth Matron Gown RARE by Dead Dollz @ The Epiphany *New*
Ginny Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ The Seasons Story *New*
UnOrthodox Crown by The Annex @ Salem *New*
Lilith Choker by Noir @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Pose w/ Skull: Cassandra 4 by Imitation @ The Dark Style Fair *New*

. i don’t know how heaven could be better than this .


Head ~ Catya (Catwa)
Skin ~ Monica Skin (L’Etre)
Hair ~  Morgana (#Foxy) [out now @ Salem]
Eyes ~ Astrid Eyes (Suicidal Unborn)
Lipstick ~ Lipstick ~ Lipstick Pack #10 (PUMEC)
Bindi ~ the Heart Gem Moon Bindi (Olive)
Septum ~ Double Diamond Septum (PUNCH)
Bodysuit ~Eternal Night – Elvira Body RARE (Tentacio & PSYCHO:Byts) [out @ Epiphany]
Tattoo ~ Blackout (Identity) [@ Black Fair] (also worn by Nelson)
Shoes ~ Mala Boots  (Candydoll) [out @ Epiphany]

Coffin & Pose #1 ~ Coffin n’ Roses (Focus Poses) [@ Dark Style Fair]
Pose #2 ~ 226 (Pose Maniacs)


“A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.” 
– Ruth Weston



Skin: Abigail - Catwa Mesh Head Applier (On Lona) in India by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 *New*
Kitsune Face Tattoo & Yoho Lips by Momochuu @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Hair: Harper by Phoenix @ Hairology *New*
Akiba Cafe / Neko Ears Dark / RARE & Akiba Cafe / Neko Cosplay Choker / RARE by Cureless & Disorderly
{Sugar Skull} eyepatch by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Secret Hideout *New*
Dora Earrings by ERSCH @ On9 *New*
Bali - Septum Ring - B by Dahlia
Wolf Nails by Apple May Designs
Demon Eyes by Izzie's @ Salem *New*
Pose: Emi 4 by Imitation @ The Dark Style Fair *New*


I don’t know where the month is going. They say time flies when you’re having fun and I am certainly doing that in Second Life at the moment…real life not so much, But, that’s what the escapism of Second Life is all about right? Though I work in SL, it’s still a form of escape...