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Heth Haute Couture- Women’s Gift For October- Noir Couture Hat

I listen to many speak of how “free gifts” can be low quality or some that come at a cost. But for the women that stop by to shop or even just to browse the Fashion Haus of Heth Haute Couture, there is a special gift for the month of October you simply must have. One that is not only free of cost but is also great quality craftsmanship. Today I show the “Noir Couture Hat”. “100% original mesh – This vintage couture hat will bring any ensemble that touch of vogue you need. Featuring a mesh fascinator detailed in rich black satin surrounded with black velvet polka-dot illusion tulle. The centerpiece focuses on a stunning black diamond hat pin set in platinum. Celebrate your style with this new mesh original.” This design is so very beautiful and will compliment many of your affairs of the season, especially when you are wearing that fresh, new hairdo that you want to show off! Take good care- Xio





Hat- Noir Couture Hat- Heth Haute Couture

Earrings- Mila Earrings- Heth Haute Couture – From The Mila Gown Ensemble

Hair- Magdalen- Lelutka  

Heth Haute Couture NEW LOGO


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Designer Showcase- PRISM by Journey- Bellisima Shorts, Sweater, & Boots

We all know that PRISM brings color to our second Life, but have you seen the color they brought to the October Round of the Designer Showcase! They offer a beautiful ensemble of separates called “Bellisima”. This sexy ensemble consists of Cashmere sweater, suede pointed toe boots, and silk tweed shorts. Each piece comes with hud with four lovely textures to choose. Fitted for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, TMP, and Venus Mesh Bodies, there are also five FitMesh sizes to ensure perfect fit. This ensemble can be purchased four different ways- sweater and boots, boots, shorts, or the convenient Fatpack. Hot and sizzling for the autumn season! This round of the Designer Showcase will end on October 31st. Take good care- Xio

Prism by Journey- Bellisima – Ballet Slipper Texture
Prisim by Journey- Bellisima- Lavender Texture
Prism by Journey- Bellisima- Sea Spray Texture
Prism by Journey- Bellisima- Silk Stone Texture


Sweater, Shorts, & Boots- Bellisima- PRISM by Journey @ Designer Showcase

Hair- G0127 Hair- tram

Bracelet- Lorelei- Supernatural

Rings- Juno Bento Rings- Absolut Vendetta of Vista Animations

Heth Haute Couture- Women’s Group Gift For October- The Kate Ensemble

Autumn is upon us, and with it comes the new Women’s Group gift for October from Heth Haute Couture. For my evening drive today I am wearing “The Kate Ensemble” in the pantone of Mustard. “Inspired by Kate Middleton this couture chic ensemble in shantung and raw silk. The slim fitted dress boasts a scooped cowl neckline, long sleeves, and gathered waistline. Included are matching Slink leather high heel pumps to match the ensemble and an additional pair in taupe. Both are detailed with straps and rings. Also included is a stunning silk couture hat detailed with a shantung bow and spray. Perfect couture for the change of the season and in one of this seasons hottest colors. Includes Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, Ebody, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy and Fine, and 5 Standard FitMesh sizes.” The Kate Ensemble is shown here on the Maitreya Lara mesh Body and is available for the group members now at Heth Haute Couture. Simply fabulous!! Take good care- Xio



Kate Ensemble Shoes in Mustard

Kate Ensemble Shoes in Taupe

Kate Ensemble Hat


Dress, Hat, and Shoes- Kate Ensemble- Heth Haute Couture October Women’s Group Gift

Necklace and Earrings- Alba (Gold)- Supernatural

Hair- Sensual- Stealthic

Photographed at one of the beautiful sims of the Boca Community

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Location at Pure luxury-


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SpartinParxPoses @ SaNaRae; Addicted to Ink at Appliqué – by ©PetraLAlexander-Valerian™

The large train is used in mating rituals and courtship displays. It can be arched into a magnificent fan that reaches across the bird’s back and touches the ground on either side. Females are believed to choose their mates according to the size, color, and quality of these outrageous feather trains.
~ About Peacocks

EXCLUSIVE! SpartinParxPoses – MESH Neon Words @ SaNaRae
• FREE GIFT – MESH Neon Words
• Taken Pose for sale at event

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

EXCLUSIVE! Addicted to Ink – Yakuza: Peacock
• Available in Faded, Semi, and Fresh
• Available in Color or Black Ink

• MESH Body Appliers

Appliqué Teleport

POSE by SpartinParxPoses – Nicki 2
Bento Head in SIMONE by LeLutka 

BODY by Maitreya
SKIN by DeeTaleZ

Model & Photographer: ©Petra L Alexander-Valerian™
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ZURI JEWELRY @ SOS Charity Event; ALMA Makeup @ The Grab Event – by © PetraLAlexander-Valerian™

“Beauty is subjective. You know how sometimes what makes a person attractive is the way they make you laugh or how it seems like they can read your mind?” 
― Kiera Cass, The Crown

Zuri’s Jewelry is the most realistic jewelry in Second Life since 2007. Zuri Jewelry is designed with classic elegance, which includes metal and gem changing menus.

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Zuri Rayna – Lotus Collection with Crown @ SOS Charity Event
•  Zuri Jewelry – Lotus Collection ONLY in Mocha / Diamond / Pink /Bronze
at SOS Charity Event, ends October 1, 2017
Crown, Necklace, Earrings, Armlets
• Available after the event at the Mainstore 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

EXCLUSIVE! ALMA Makeup – One for LeLutka Bento
• ALMA Makeup, Exclusive for The Grab Event October, ONE eyes applier for Catwa and Lelutka. This is the first ALMA Makeup eye applier, that is why it is called ONE. It comes in 8 shades that you can apply individually via HUD.

The Grab LM

Bento Head in SIMONE by LeLutka 
BODY by Maitreya
SKIN by DeeTaleZ

Model & Photographer: ©Petra L Alexander-Valerian™
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Heth Haute Couture- The Jennifer Gown

Nothing like dancing under the stars! So you must be prepared to be a star also! Today I show “The Jennifer Gown“, one of the latest releases from Heth Haute Couture. “This beautiful mesh evening gown features a form fitted couture gown in black satin with heavily embellished top of sequins and beads that flow down into a chiffon mermaid bottom. Perfect for romantic evening, pageants, and any formal occasions. Includes five mesh sizes and compatible with most mesh bodies.” The Jennifer Gown is shown here with the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Available as part of the recent concept of the “Bringing Vintage Into Vogue Collection” at Heth Haute Couture. Take good care- Xio






Gown- The Jennifer Gown- Heth Haute Couture

Diadem- Dragonseeker Royal Diadem- Heth Haute Couture

Earrings- From The Mila Gown Ensemble- Heth Haute Couture

Bracelet- Jacqueline Bracelet (Silver)- Heth Haute Couture

Hair- Layka- enVOGUE

Heth Haute Couture NEW LOGO

Mainstore Location-

KJIM- High Waisted Bell Bottoms

Perfect for the change in seasons comes one of the latest releases from KJIM. Today I show the “High Waisted Bell Bottoms“. Fitted for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus Mesh Bodies, with Maitreya Autohide,  they come with two versions- one for heels, the other for flats. And to speak of options- the High Waisted Bell Bottoms come in a collection of 12 pinstripe and 5 jean textures. There are options to show or to hide the belt and pockets. You can also change textures of the pockets! Beautiful appliques on the jean texture bottoms! My new addition! Love them! Available at the mainstore of KJIM and there is also a new group gift available! Take good care- Xio

KJIM- High Waisted Bell Bottoms- Black Pinstripe
Black Pinstripe Close Up View
High Waisted Bell Bottoms Back View
High Waisted Bell Bottoms Jean Texture Sample


Pants- High Waisted Bell Bottoms- KJIM

Top- Amii Bra Top- From The Amii Butterfly Capris/Top Set- Shoenique Designs

Hair- No_Mojito- NO.MATCH

Necklace- Boho Necklace- InsurreKtion @ Cosmopolitan– Event Gift

Earrings- Hoop- Wide Gold- RYCA


Marquesse, Shoe-ddict, and Slipper Originals @ Designer Circle

Today I ventured over to the venue of Designer Circle and found three new additions to my wardrobe I think you may enjoy. The designers of Marquesse offers this great outfit called “Casablanca Outfit“.  This outfit is available in five different bold and vibrant colors and is fitted for most mesh bodies but also includes standard sizes with alpha layers for classic avatars. Perfect for that party at home or a night on the town! And to compliment the Casablanca Outfit,  Shoe- Ddiction presents the “Casablanca Sandal“. Fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and TMP this shoe is nicely detailed and compliments the Casablanca Outfit perfectly. Then on the other side of the venue I spotted a beautiful ring set from Slipper Originals. This is the “Liz Bento Ring Set“. Four rings for each hand and hud that gives you 6 metal choices and 12 stone colors. This set will go beautifully with anything in your wardrobe. Imagine the possible combinations you will have! All three of these items are sold separately at Designer Circle and this round will change on October 1st. Take good care- Xio

Marquesse @ Designer Circle- Casablanca Outfit
Marquesse @ Designer Circle- Casablanca Outfit
Shoe-Ddiction @ Designer Circle- Casablanca Heels
Slipper Originals @ Designer Circle- The Liz Bento Rings Set


Outfit- Casablanca Outfit- Marquesse @ Designer Circle

Shoes- Casablanca Heels- Shoe-Ddiction @ Designer Circle

Rings- Liz Bento Set- Slipper Originals @ Designer Circle

Hair- Adele- EMO-tions

Earrings- RSE- Hoop01 Gold- RYCA

Bracelet- CTIE Gold- RYCA

ALB Dream Fashion- Bella Outfit

My look of the day comes from a shop I had never ventured into before. Checking group notices, I noticed a fun looking ensemble to try that was extremely low in price so I went. Today I show the “Bella Outfit” from ALB Dream Fashion and I really love this! The package contains more than what is shown on the vendor photo. I have the elbow length shirt with buttons for cool evenings, another shirt that has appliers for a more baring look, Bermuda jeans with a belt, and heels! The applier gives me 6 choices of textures for the strappy shirt version. The ensemble is fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink, and is really quite fun to wear. Love the appliques on the jeans and the heels are nicely detailed also. The shop is full of wonderful outfits and it seems they have specials all the time. So I shall be returning soon to ALB Dream Fashion for more! Take good care- Xio






Outfit- Bella Outfit- ALB Dream Fashion

Hair- No Heat- No.Match– Group Gift

Earrings- Pid Hoop Gold- RYCA

Necklace and Bracelet- Fake Leather (gold)- Tabou


Heth Haute Couture- The Lela Gown

So! On my post for “The Alyssa Gown” I stated I may have found a new favorite. Today however, I believe I have found yet another. I present to you the gorgeous “Lela Gown” from the Fashion Haus of Heth Haute Couture! “This sumptuous mesh gown is perfect for any special occasion. Featuring navy silk heavily embellished with crystals and metal beads. The optional shoulder ruffle is also beaded and trimmed in diamond dust adding a dramatic effect. Includes eBODY, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique, and FitMesh large and small sizes. Fits most mesh avatars. ” The Lela Gown is shown here with the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Available now at Heth Haute Couture as one of the “Bringing Vintage Into Vogue” series. Love the sheer shoulder ruffles! Which will be your favorite? Take good care- Xio

Lela Gown_001

Lela Gown_002

Lela Gown_004

Lela Gown_006


Gown- The Lela Gown- Heth Haute Couture

Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace, and Cocktail Ring- From The verushka Couture Diamond Jewelry Set- Heth Haute Couture

Hair- Lab.038- booN

Heth Haute Couture NEW LOGO

Mainstore Location-