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2017 1017 Panic of Pumpkins – 1mm, Occult, Soul Mate, Fallen Arms & Tsuru’s Artifacts | We Love Role-Play – Air & Mkbcult Weapons

Kyoto Halloween Night

--- Panic of Pumpkin

!1mm***   kimono2017 hanako whitered
[Soul Mates] Japanese Koto - Tsukimi
+ Occult +Boo!Boo!Boo! Ghost 1-3
[FA] Rough - Buddy Jaco'lantern
Tsuru's ArtifactsKyoto Machiya - Abandoned

--- We<3RP 

MKbcult Weapons [Melee] Red Blade Katana [Dual Wield]V.2

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Everyday Is A Holiday With You

Met him on Sunday, loved him by Tuesday afternoon
Woke up on Friday, changed my whole life to make some room

Better days and getaways cause everyday is a holiday with you

You've gotta let me know, gotta know for sure
Don't leave me out in the cold, gotta know for sure

He loves me . . . He loves me not . . . Not yet . . .He likes me . . .  Maybe . . . I kinda like him too

Everyday Is A Holiday With You


On Me:
Skin: Melissa in Amber (On Catwa Lona) by Enfer Sombre *New*
HitchHiker Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Miko Outfit by Altair @ Japonica *New*
Kimono pose (2015)-DELUXE- by Happy Dispatch

On Dark:
Katahaori Set by Gabriel @ Japonica *New*

Miller's House [w/o mill] by Soul Mates by Japonica *New*
Clothes Line Laundry Day, Clothes Basket, Washtub by Chez Moi @ Ultra *New*
Kingyo Lantern (MG Gold) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (New Years Red) Exclusive, Kingyo Lantern (White) Exclusive, Lantern Festival Zodiac Dog, Lantern Festival Zodiac Rooster by Melon Bunny @ The Epiphany *New*
Chicken Collection Wanderer by Jian

Daily Duties…


Hair: *TKW* Razo (Hair Fair Gift, July 1-16 2017)
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Chloe
Applier: !Lumae: LeLutka – Aurora – T2 Cameo // Bare TEMPORARY LOCATION
Outfit: !1mm***   kimono2017 strawberry  (Japonica, July 1-23)
Laundry Basket: 29 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Laundry Basket ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Eggs: 20_8f8 – New Beginnings – Egg Carrier ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
House: [Soul Mates] Miller’s House [w mill] (Japonica, July 1-23)
Washings: 28 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Geese: 17_8f8 – New Beginnings – Geese ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Ducklings: 14_8f8 – New Beginnings – First Swim ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Cart: 39 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Farm Cart ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Milk Canister: 08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Milk Containers ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Ladder: 09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Ladder ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Rakes: 10_8f8 – New Beginnings – Pitchfork ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Wheels: 09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheels ( See 8f8 Mainstore)






Better days down the way 
No more dreams no more heartbreaks 
Better smile better skin 
Better place your faith in us 
Better do it, better stop 
Better keep your spirits up 

Better things are always coming you just need to remain open to them or you miss it.



On Me:
Skin: Lily in Mocha by Belviso
Missy Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ The Chapter Four *New*
Bodysuit: Emily by The Forge @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Aura Eyepatch by Emo-tions @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Japanese Pipe Lotus by Silvery K @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Takara Wedges Fatpack RARE by Breathe @ The Arcade *New*
Akira Katana, Black Prints, RARE by The Forge
Pose: GSits Vol1-5 by Foxcity (Edited in Animare)

Garden Pagoda by 22769 @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Katana Display Bushido by [Soul Mates]
WA Candles, Nanten & Leaf Red, -Kuruwa- Kiseru set (Black), Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane-  (Gara) & IZAYOI- PLANT (Green) by [[RH]] Design House

Beyond Our Tribal Identity

Spirituality is meant to take us beyond our tribal identity into a domain of awareness that is more universal.
~Deepak Chopra

A new round of The Fantasy Collective is opening!!  The August/September round opens August 21st and the theme is Tribal!!!  
Hell yeah right?  I am sporting the new accessory set by Bauhaus Movement from TFC.  The headpiece & Necklace come in various colors with silver or gold accents.  It is editable so you can fit hair underneath.  I am wearing the new Little Bones hair from C88 underneath and only had to do a little bit of editing to get it right.  It is perfect! The skin is a mainstore release by Soul.  There are 4 drow (grey/dark) tones to choose from and you get your pick for almost all mesh head appliers! Enjoy this look!

Beyond Our Tribal Identity

Unedited Close Up


Dress: Leverage by Storybook @ Whimsical *New*
Headpiece & Necklace: YeaH! Fashion Set by Bauhaus Movement @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Pipe: Serpent's Pipe by CerberusXing @ Creator's Collection Box *New*
Shoes: Boho Laced Sandals by Reign
Hair: Vanessa by Little Bones @ Collabor88 *New*
Tattoo: Honor Tattoo by Speakeasy *New*
Skin: Emma D1 (Lelutka Applier) by Soul *New*
Pose: The Kayelle Series Four by An Lar Poses @ Shiny Shabby *New*

Japanese Well by Soul Mates @ Creator's Collection Box *New*

!gO! Shinobu @FGC

!gO! Shinobu @FGC Samurai
!gO! Shinobu - Hakama RARE@FGC
!gO! Shinobu - Jingasa RARE@FGC
!gO! Shinobu - Kataginu RARE@FGC
!gO! Shinobu - Kimono RARE@FGC

!gO! Naohiro - apron RARE@FGC
!gO! Naohiro - blouse RARE@FGC
!gO! Naohiro - Kyoketsu-shogeRARE@FGC
!gO! Naohiro - pants RARE@FGC
!gO! Naohiro - sash ninja RARE@FGC
!gO! Naohiro - tengui RARE@FGC

:::Breath:::Gothic TABI shoes
[Soul Mates] Kite - Ninja (Attach) ULTRARARE

A Well Crafted Sword

“Life is like swordplay. Grip it, hold it tightly, then make your move.”
― Louis Edward Rosas, The Soldier and the Samurai

Still a few days left at The Creator's Collection Box (CCB).  There are som gorgeous Japanese themed gachas to pull as well as other well designed goodies for you all!  The caged getas, by CerberusXing, are one of my favorite items from the event.  They are unrigged so they can fit men and women and different mesh feet :)  I hope you enjoy this image!

A Carefully Crafted Sword


On Me:
Outfit: Kurogo in Black RARE by Tomoto @ Creator's Collection Box *New*
Shoes: Kage Geta by CerberusXing @ Creator's Collection Box *New*
Accessories (Except the Sword): Youkai Gacha Set (Halo Gold RARE, Seal Red, Necklace White & Shikigami Paper) by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Gami Gacha *New*
Skin: Roxy 2 in 1 by Pumens
Pose w/ Katana: Katana female 1 by Black Cat Poses

Swordsmith Gacha by Soul Mates @ Creator's Collection Box *New*