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Just a Little Drink :P


On Her 1:
Pose: PM . Jasmine  5  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Hair: {Limerence} Dreada hair(Common1)  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone
Applier: !Lumae: LeLutka – Aurora – T3 Shell // Bare
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Vampy~ Blue
Lipstick: Ascendant – Lipsticks set 11 –  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Necklace: ERSCH – Creepy Girl Gacha Necklace  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Tattoo: ..::PD::.. Zenitude tattoos OMEGA  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Top: AdoreZ-Sandry Top  Pink  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Pants: .SALT – 3/4 LEGGINGS – HOCUSPOCUS  [MAITREYA]  (The Gacha Garden Group Gift, 0Ls to Join , Nov. 1-30)
Mask: ERSCH – Creepy Girl Gacha Stick 02 Skull (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Takeaway Flyer: AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Takeout Flyer (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
On Her 2:
Pose: PM . Jasmine  1  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Hair: [NYNE] ‘Pirella’  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: Glam Affair – Clary Applier ( Catwa  ) Asia
Eyes: LOTUS. Orchid Eyes 04 (Catwa) (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Face Tattoo: LIVIA::Crescent Stars Face Art (Copper #7 RARE HUD) [Catwa] (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Jewelry: Cae :: Owl :: Collection  (The Gacha Garden Group Gift, 0Ls to Join , Nov. 1-30)
Top: !  IS-::Croptop plum  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Bottom: SinfulSky – Dare Shorts Dark Denim  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Tattoo: …:::Savage:::…Ginkas Erotic Henna Tattoo Pack  (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Drink: .11 [ kunst ] – Spike bottle / straw  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Deco: .03 [ kunst ] – Panta carrier RARE  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
.01 [ kunst ] – Cold-cola carrier RARE  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
.02 [ kunst ] – Spike carrier RARE  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
kisetsu – Maiougi Fan Wall Decor – Summer  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
{YD} Cake’s Festival – Cactus Cake  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
SOI – AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Cat in box  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
10 MI Tin Robot Gang  [8 LI] RARE  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
::Static:: Horoscope Poster – SOI Zodiac Dial +glow ring  (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Background: //Naberius// Midnight Alley (6th Republic, Nov. 6-20)



2017 1113 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – CUREMORE, Velvet Whip & Static


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

CUREMORE Lost Paradise

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Wreath (Red)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Eden Diorama / RARE
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Paradise Tree (Beige)(Brown)(Burning Tree)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise /Crawling Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / TreeHanging Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Crawling HeadUp Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Rolled Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Forbidden fruits (Coal)(Fire)(Green)(Red)

- Velvet Whip [V/W] Wasteland Garden Gacha

[V/W] Soap Jug Calla
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Soup"
[V/W] Cyber Orchid
[V/W] Teapot Aloe
[V/W] Old Crate Plant
[V/W] Tyre Tree
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Pummaro"

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 01
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 07
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 16 RARE

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The Virgo in me… ;]


Hiar: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   <Olivia> (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Head: Genesis_Head_Kiana_3.2 Bento
Applier: HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_KIANA_CREAM
Necklace: ERSCH – Francesca Gacha Choker 07 Golden (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Tattoo: .XO _Strange and Sassy_ HUD (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Outfit: [YumZ]Kailandra Dress (Day) (anyBody, Round 1, November 4-15)
Bracelet: [BREATHE]-October Bracelet-Gold
Cigarette: [Since1975] Cigarette&Holder  RARE (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Name Tag: [Fetch] Telling Patch – Princess (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
Deco: Meva Photo Box Small Cubes Black (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
::Static:: Horoscope Poster – 18 Virgo – (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)
[Glitzz] Baroque – Candle Standing – Gold SOI 4 Li (The Gacha Garden, Nov. 1-30)


Come Little Children

Nightmares continue as the full moon rises in the sky. You are in a strange room where the only light appears to be from the front room. Bats are seen flying about and the furniture speaks volumes about the owner of the place. The chair seems to be alive, so you dare not to sit down in it. Noticing the closet, you swallow hard and step towards it, slowly peeking inside. It is when you hear the sound of someone else in the room that you dash in there to hide, hoping you weren't seen. Watching from the darkness, you are mesmorized by what you see. Then, taking a step back, you seem to fall into another realm, can that really be a tree? Where are you and  how can you escape the witch?


7 Deadly s[K]ins has a great Halloween hunt happening now until November 1. There are 30 pumpkins to be found with some fantastic skins such as this one I am wearing. Cicely includes Omega face & body appliers for a sexy drow look. Worn is the dust tone.

Also worn: 
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
 Catwa Catya head
 Catwa Catya shape by

::Static::  created the Barbed Wire Necklace in the Bare Metal tone that I am wearing and that sure looks like it could hurt! There is also another version of this necklace that is one of the hunt prizes. Both can be found at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

Wicked Ladies marks the witch with the fantastic The Baphomet tattoo. This comes in faded  or fresh options with appliers for Maitreya and Omega. RunAway created the braided Wicca Hair. This hair comes with hat or no hat option. Omega and system hair base appliers included and your choice of 8 different color packs. You can also purchase all in a fatpack and receive a special bonus hud! More of the goodies you'll find at Nightmare Event

Also at the Nightmare Event are Inevitable Madness with their lovely Layl Eyeshadows. These come with an Omega Applier in 3 different colors  and is another exclusive Hunt Prize. And Azdesign made some spooky eyes for Nightmare this year. The Best Halloween mesh eyes come in two versions. IT shows his face in the reflection of the ones I have on. The others have Jason. They are also available in applier versions with huds for Catwa and Lelutka.

The shoes worn are the classy Acrophobia Heels by Asteroid Box. These mesh shoes come with 4 height options in 4 color choices. Another great exclusive at Nightmare Event

Dark Passions has some frighteningly great nails for us called, The Nightmare 2017. This includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega. Another great Nightmare Event

 These Halloween Bib Overalls by Kelly's Boutique come in standard mesh sizes as well as for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza. You can find them on sale at Nightmare Event

The top I am wearing is Zuul by Facepalm Clothing Company. This firmesh shirt comes with a 3 texture hud and is also compatible with Maitreya, Tonic, Slink, Belleza, ebody and TMP. A hunt prize in the Boo! Bunny Hunt

Glutz created this seriously so spooky it's cute,  Kitty Bag. It comes in your choice of  black, purple, or red. A great addition for any witch to carry her spell ingredients. You can find this also at the  Nightmare Event

All of these are items at the Nightmare Event

Candle and Cauldron created the amazing Shadow Room Skybox. This is a 29x13 meter skybox with dark corners, baked light, materials, a salt circle and a secret passage though a spooky closet to the woods beyond. It is only 12 land impact
That scary chair in the corner is the Mimic Armchair by Violetility. This includes several sit animations for both male and female avatars.

-=FORSAKEN=- created the great Death Repurposed shelf shown in red. It comes in large and small, with 6 colors to choose from.

Left Hand Path created the Flying Protector Bats. These come in 2 options, with or without the string. Also shown are the Pumpkin Candles which are their hunt prize, great for lighting up dark corners. There is also the Corner Altar with for witches that live in small spaces, and the Witches Supply Drawers to keep all your favorite spells and elements in a well sorted manner.

Irrie's DollHouse made a great gacha collection for the event. The Vintage Rose Vanity is covered in spiderwebs with a ghostly image in the mirror. There are several colors to be won along with matching benches also to be won. Shown is the Bleeding Heart *Rare*  Vanity and matching stool.

The Fire Witch pose set by +Dreamcatcher+ includes the magical effect and 3 poses. The magical effect can be rezzed or worn. Also shown is their Fire Witch Pose hunt gift. This also includes the magical effect with 1 static pose.

See You In Your Nightmares

Phobias, Night terrors, things that go bump in the night, all contribute to our nightmares and fears. But, facing those fears brings us closer to conquering them. What is your greatest fear? Are you ready to take a journey into the unknown, to look your deepest darkest fears in the face and laugh? Then come join us on a journey as The Nightmare Event opens October 1st.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins has created some of their skins in fantastic drow tones in time for Halloween. The lovely Arnica Omega applier skin based on the GA.EG comes in three different drow tones for those darker elves. These Omega appliers apply the skin to both Face & body! 
Also worn:
Catwa Catya head
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

 -Sorumin- designed the amazing Leather queen gacha collection for The Nightmare Event. This collection includes prizes such as the wings with a texture change hud (rare), skirts, pauldrons and body suits in 6 different colors.

Cursed Soul Creations has some great items for us at The Nightmare Event. These Scarella Night mesh eyes come in Blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow for a frighteningly great look. At the event as well are the Stelloane exclusives Spider Soles for Maitreya and their Leg Bitches complete with red marks and blood for the feet via Omega appliers. We also have some fantastic nails by Dark Passions, these Sadistic Stripes come with appliers for Slink, Omega and Maitreya. They include 12 textures with 6 colors. ( 6 bloody and 6 without)

::AMBIX:: designed these super freaky Deathly Tail - Canines. The come in two different versions, nightmare or naturals with texture change huds and also a hud for the Bento animations. Cursed Soul Creations  also designed the lovely Planchette head gem, which comes in blue, green, pink, red, white, as well as the Demonic Jaw-brace. Another great item is the Horror Drip Omega Appliers in blood, green, black, pink and even purple, by ANATOMY. All of these can be found at The Nightmare Event.

.Olive. treats us with another great exclusive at The Nightmare Event. The BedDread Hair comes in 6 great texture packs to choose from. Plus, the Red + Blood tone that I am wearing is one of their 4 hunt gifts! Another exclusive at the event is the Arachne Hair Ornament  by OXIDE. This unrigged original mesh product comes with a texture change hud for the jewels and metals. One set of prejoined web and spiders for left & right, also includes empty web and single spiders to make it suit your own tastes.

Things start getting even more freaky around the house with these while Freak poses by SpartinParxPoses. This pose set includes 10 wild static poses and is an exclusive. I bet you never knew your body could twist that much, think it hurts? Also shown is the Petri rug by kosmii. Both are great items to be found at the The Nightmare Event.
kosmii has some more fantastic items for us at The Nightmare Event. The Cordyceps Beetles in gilded and natural, will add a creepy element to your decor. You can also purchase the beetles without the jars like little pets! Static created the freaky Catskull Candle, what better way to incorporate the use of a skull? This comes in two tints, Bleached or Fossil. And then there is my newest friend, who I am working on giving a name to. What's in your closet? is a creation of The Wicked Ladies and another grand exclusive. Another great decor item are the Kitty-Brain candles by .TeaBunny. There is a  kitty shown which includes 8 texture change menu,  as well as a Jack-o-Lantern version. This takes burning your brain to a whole new level.
The great shelves with all of the items on them are the Ruthven and Cross Coffin Shelves by Schadenfreude. These come in small, wide and large, and include a texture change by touch menu to fit them best into your decor. You can load up all those great finds from the event on them! Shown on top of the shelves are some really cool Hand Candles by [Krescendo] . These come in 2 different packs, white, black and red or pink, green and purple. Just more fantastic items at The Nightmare Event.

Awee.. cmon… D:



On Her 1:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Cinderella (Enchantment Event, february 11-28)
Headphone: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer’s Heart set XOXO – Headset
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Catya
Applier: alaskametro<3 “Serenity” skin   (Free Dove Hunt)
Controller Necklace: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer’s Heart set XOXO – Necklace
Lolipop .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer’s Heart set XOXO – Lollipop
Outfit: Luas 90s Remember – Crop Top Grey ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Shorts: `M.BIRDIE / Last Summer . pantsB1 Maitreya (Previous Arcade item MIGHT be available instore)
Game: Luas 90s Remember – Virtual Pet Game Yellow ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
On Her 2:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Bow updo (Collabor88 , Feb. 8-March 6)
Sunglasses: Luas 90s Remember – Heart Sunglasses Pink ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Catya
Applier: Glam Affair – Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Asia 01
Earrings: ::Static:: Artari 3600 Earrings (Gacha Garden Group Gift, 0ls to join, February 1 – 20) 
Top: Luas 90s Remember – College Jacket RARE ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Pants: Blueberry / Luxe Box September / Jeans (Previous Luxebox SL item , Website)
Bracelets: COLD ASH – Mens MOKANE Bracelet (L’Homme Magazine Group Gift, 0ls to join, available as of posting)
Game: Luas 90s Remember – Funny Game Blue ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Luas 90s Remember – Plastic Toys Bag Orange ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Luas 90s Remember – Acid House Backpack Yellow ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Luas 90s Remember – Acid House Backpack Pink ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
Luas 90s Remember – Plastic Toys Bag Pink ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
tarte. aria daybed  (Previous Luxebox SL item , Website)
MishMish – Corgi Puppy  (Previous Luxebox SL item , Website)
CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Foolby / TEAL ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)
CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Icecream Cup / NOIR ( Rewind Event – 90’s, February 10 – 28)


Days Go By (Los Días Pasan)


M&M Female Fashion* Store by Moreno Forwzy 
Shoes :::ChicChica::: Ronda RARE (gacha)
Bag ::C'est la vie !::  Heart Bag (group gift)
Hair: Exile:: Snow Fall
Jewelry ::Static:: Dragonfly Choker Gold
Head: CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Feet V3.5
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Oxidation
Poses: Manifeste

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

“We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.”
― John Hughes, The Breakfast Club Script

Eat, Drink & Be Scary


Sweater & Stockings: Gothmas Sweater & Snowflake Stockings by Epoch *New*
Hair: Val (Freebie!) by Analog Dog *New*
Horns: Hundred Chain Horn by CerberusXing
Choker: Kurama Choker by Air
Leg Band: Leg Chain Blue Stone by Tabou Irresistible for TFC Hunt
Kittens: A Very Kitten Christmas by Jian *New*
Skin: Keiko in Latte (Genesis Lab Applier on Julia 2.0 Head) by October's 4Seasons *New*
Pose: Sitting Pretty Dirty Postcards by Le Poppycock


Magik Breakfast Nook: Magik Frame, Tables, Chair & Magik Ball by Sick (Formerly Static) *New*
Chinese Food by Apple Fall
Lazy Meals Microwave & Meal Boxes by Balaclava!!
Mug Stand by Cleo Design



Skin:theSkinnery - [theSkinnery] Daisy 5 (brownie) - @ TAG
Tattoo:{DATUM} - DATUM // Outlaw White - @ WTE
Collar:Quirky - . Quirky . Dreamy Kitten Collar - All The Things - @ KME
Harness:Winged - .Winged. Pentagram Harness_ Grey - @ KME
Bra:chocolate atelier - Julie *White* Bra - @ KME
Panties:Static - Helena Panty - White - @ KME


Hair:Damselfly - *~*Damselfly*~*Gavin
Skin:Glam Affair
Tank:Spirit - SPIRIT - Abba tanktop [BLACK] - @ uber
Jeans:Spirit - SPIRIT - Abba jeans [LIGHT BLUE] - @ uber

The past, present and future

Style Details: 
Jacket: GATO Fortuneteller Jacket 2 – Coming 10/25 for SaNaRae 
Top: [La Baguette] Nanda top ~ Pink at The Showroom (10/21-10/31)
Shorts: Static [-S-] Lusty Latex – White – at Fri*days (10/26)
Hair: +Spellbound+ Forest Spirit // Chapter I : Earth – New in store!
Tattoo: Prodigy Ink -7P-Paradise Tattoo Appliers – at Shiny Shabby (10/20-11/16)
Necklace: Kibitz – Delicate crucifix – copper v1  – at Shiny Shabby (10/20-11/16)
Boots: REIGN.-Kylie Laced Boots (M-High) (Past No21)
SkinDeeTaleZ *Appliers*  LeLuka Heads “Face Jolie” Mixedtype – New in store!
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-LEDA