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Half God Half Devil

Half God Half Devil

BlankLine: Rider Jacket [Black]@ TMD Nov. 2017

Beusame: Hat “UR2CLOSE”@ TMD Nov. 2017

Half God Half Devil

You look to me like I’m a revelation You wanna know if I can bring salvation You saw a sinner – saw a saint inside of me You wanna know if I’m a friend or an enemy

I waged war in a fiery blaze I found peace in a purple haze My angels and my demons they don’t know their place Ready or not they’re gonna come out and play

I can be your heavenly or I can be your hell I can say a prayer for you or I can cast a spell I push you to the darkness just to pull you to the light Cause I can take away your breath or I can bring you back to life Half God Half Devil

I won’t pretend that I resist temptation I think it’s funny when you preach damnation I’ve been to hell and back and now it’s just a part of me without the darkness there’d be no light in me

I waged war in a fiery blaze I found peace in a purple haze My angels and my demons they don’t know their place Ready or not they’re gonna come out and play


Photography: Lutke Avedon

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Caught Out In The Rain

Caught out in the Rain WM

.SHI : Tucked Hair @ uber Oct. 2017

Caught Out In The Rain


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Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy

Disclosure + Credits: All images on W H I T E C I T Y are taken by me (Lutke Avedon), unless otherwise credited with a proper source. You may not use images from my blog for any use.
Mossu: Spiky Harness – Black – Belleza Jake @ Man Cave

Stealthic – Rebellion Hair @ TMD

Photography: Lutke Avedon

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Bad at Love

Smootches to all of my lovely SL Fashionistas !!!!

As I was trying to unpack all my lovely sponsors and friends boxes, I run into the last gacha creation made by Sintiklia. The name of the gacha is “Cute Girl” but my hat says “Bad”…. Winks as I love hats in general, I had to put it on instantly !!! Not sure if I succeed to create a short of “Bad” Girl look but I had really enjoyed it and I hope you like it also ❤

Bad at Love _Close

My style :

  • SYS: Taj dress | Balck / Red available @ Tres Chic until 10th of Sept (New)
  • ZOOM: Fortune Necklace
  • MOWIE:  Kasia Choker
  • SINTIKLIA: Hair and Cap | “Cute Girl” Gacha @ TCF   (New)
  • LOTUSEmotivi Eyes  older Gacha Rare
  • CATWA: Lilo Bento Head
  • S.E.: Lipstick Beaute Collection for Catwa
  • LE POPPYCOCK: Cyber flirting pose @ TCF   (New)
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La piscine

Waves to all my favorite fashionistas !!!

Indeed time goes by so fast and here we all are .. almost at the end of the summer. When August is coming, I  do get a bit of melancholic, even if i know that i do enjoy fall time too but summer time is never enough !! Thank god of the interior swim pools that giving us the chance to swim even when the weather is not so warm anymore 🙂 I know i shouldn’t start thinking of winter just yet … but schools are opening soon and once again we all have lovely summer memories to share and laugh once the winter is here, but for now, if you like my styling check the details below ❤

What I wear :

  • AGATA MODE: Jane tops and pants
  • KIBITZ: High ring set for Maitreya hands
  • SAGA: Fayne Face Jewels
  • KIRIN POSES: Rika Pose Set includes 6 poses, bento compatible,

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of September (New)

  • TRAM: tram Hair Gacha G0729  RARE  @ Pocket Gacha
  • S.E.: Tropical Fashion Lipglossy Ver.10 available at the cosmetic fair event – 15th August 


  • DAHLIA: Flora Sunglasses
  • NANIKA:  Marisa tattoo Black tone



Both can be found at Tres Chic August round until 10th of September (New)

Take Me to Infinity

Color-Take Me To Infinity

::GB:: Body: Tied suit (Black) – Shiny Shabby July

Dura: B&G79-DARK hair – TMD July

STRAY DOG: LEON Applier – Shiny Shabby July


Photography: Lutke Avedon


Oh, you’re showing me an adventure
Oh, you make me feel alive
Oh, something’s taking me over
Girl you know I can’t breathe
Oh, you’re taking over me
Just take me to infinity

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Do you believe in angels…

Hello, my SL Fashionistas !!

Really do you believe in Angels? Do you believe that there is one for you? I strongly do. I believe that we all have one angel protector, someone that really cares for us, love us, and care for us.  Sometimes we might not “see” it, but we feel it. Angel is someone that brings you calmness in your soul by his/ her aura. I strongly believe and for me my protector angel is my dad..  He might not be with my physically anymore, but he is always around me, every time… ❤

Snapshot_091a copy1

What I wear:

  • Seul: Ruffle play top | Blanc
  • Phedora: Sadystika Panties & Suspender
  • C L A Vv: Choker B | My Edgy Look
  • Mudskin: G.Yong 106 Freckles | Gacha play skin catwa bento applier

All can be found @ Kustom9 June round util 10th of July  (New)

  • Gizza: Posh Bodysuit Wings | White
  • Dela: Thira Hair
  • Nanika: Gaia Tatoo white

Both can be found at Tres Chic, Grecian June round until 10th of July  (New)

  • Dahlia: Sera – Shell Necklace
  • Lode:  Head Accessory – Philadelphus Wreath | White- Gacha
  • Studio Exposure: Lipglossy red rain @ Cosmetic Fair

Decor :

  • Attic:  Bed Ballons ( rare) | Floating Dreams Gacha
  • Attic:  Floating Couch Balloons  | Floating Dreams Gacha

Can be found @ Kustom9 June round util 10th of July  (New)


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Give me a reason

Smootches my Fashionistas !!!

Today I am having a really lazy mood. Spring is all over and is hot !!! Finally, I can not wait for summer to come enjoying every single warm day  🙂 So this time I laid on my new wooden Bench I have set on my veranda, made myself a strawberry smooth and honestly I do not plan to move my arse from that spot… Don’t you think I am right? Just give me a reason why I should 😛

Enjoy your day and for more details about my styling just read further down ❤


  • Kitja x Parker: Tasha shorts jeans regular package
  • Kitja x Parker : Tasha Bra regular color
  • Kitja x Parker: Tasha Top Grey regular color
  • Mithral: Oats Hair ( dark brown)
  • Kunst: Dog-tags Necklace (there is also male version)
  • Attic: Round Wooden Bench
  • Zerkalo: Pillow Quotes (gacha) 50l per play
  • Tentacio: Need a drink (Gacha) Strawberry smooth.There are not rares at this gacha

All can be found at Kustom9 till 15th of May  (NEW)

  • Phedora: Lilly Heels Green
  • Alme: Shades of Pink nails appliers for Maitreya, slink, Belleza, Vista pro hands, Tuty & Omega

Both can be found at Tres Chic till 15th of May (NEW)

My pose is again by Addme  – Pose#090(single-GSit/Lay ) 090-1 can be found at POSE FAIR till 29th April (NEW)

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Something in red

Hello my Fashionistas  🙂

This time is all about this dress by Kiddo. When I have seen the advert I found it really smexy and different. It combines spring with waterproof 😉  As I love flowers, this was one item that was a MUST have into my pixel wardrobe ❤

Snapshot_055a copy

What I wear:

  • Dead Dollz: Rainy Day Dress
  • Opale x Fame Femme: Daryl Hair & Cap

Both can be found @ The Liaison Collaborative

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Hello my girls <3,

Recently Iconic made a couple of re- releases at her main store.  I do not have lots of curly hair so when i tried these ones  I felt like I HAD to create a new look only for this type of hair. Girls these hair are really smexy if you like curls and volume they come with a hud and you can also resize them. Attention can be found ONLY at the Iconic main store ❤

Snapshot_185a copy copy

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