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2017 0915 The Looking Glass – The Chosen One Gacha@The Secret Affair

The Chosen One

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Sep 15th~)

TLG - "The Chosen One" Gacha

TLG - "The Chosen One" Cages 1 and 2 RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Rotunda RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Side Table
TLG - "The Chosen One" Cage the Demon
TLG - "The Chosen One" ?Wine?
TLG - "The Chosen One" Garden Casket
TLG - "The Chosen One" Fountain
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar with Rosary
TLG - "The Chosen One" Velvet Rope Pack
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Right
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Left
TLG - "The Chosen One" Staircase
TLG - "The Chosen One" Drapes
TLG - "The Chosen One" Light Projector

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Still Goin’

A face that aches
a heart that breaks
and here i am
shouldn't breathe
i shouldn't breathe
speak to me

Still Goin'


On Me:
Skin & Makeup: Mira in Africa (On Catwa Lona), Mira Eyes Makeup Set 1 & Lipstick Set 5 by Glam Affair @ The Arcade *New*
Hair: Jennifer by RunAway @ Hairology *New*
Sophia Top by The Forge @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Sugarheart Gacha Skirt RARE & Phone Blue Glass GIFT by .Oppa @ Imaginarium *New*
Heels: Lima by Essenz @ Imaginarium *New*
Bezel Rosalia [RARE] by Neomenia @ Imaginarium *New*
Sabbath Collar, Pink / Gold by The Forge
Tatoos Gacha: Leg II & Sleeve III by Gee @ Imaginarium *New*
Adeline Eyes 17 RARE by Lotus @ The Chapter Four *New*
Pose: Sitting Pose ~ Pose 1 by K&S

Geodesic Gatcha Set: Leones Wall Art RARE, Rhom Light, Desic Beanbag, Rory Cloche, Lali Console Table, Geowe Hanging, Koza Table, Cheve Planter & Steps Planter by Plastik @ The Arcade *New*

Carry Bears Gacha: + potbear + {mint} & + alfonse of dawn + GOI by Comet @ Imaginarium *New*

2017 0911 [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative | Flores "Nuance" Pose Pack@Main Store

Sending me angles

--- [Canimal]@The Liaison Collaborative 

[Canimal] - Romance - Maitreya

--- FLORES Body & Soul

FLORES Body & Soul - Nuance Pose Pack - Precious

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2017 0906 [The Forge] Gnashers@TMD

Round 1

--- [The Forge]@TMD

[The Forge] Gnashers , Steel

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2017 0905 DRD Group Gift Junkyard Signs | [The Forge]@TLC | TattooMania@anyBody

Chickun's Far-Sale
--- DRD Junk Yard Signs - Group Gift 

DRD - GG - Junk Yard Signs - Chickuns
DRD - GG - Junk Yard Signs - No Signs
DRD - GG - Junk Yard Signs - Fix It Jesus

--- [The Forge]@The Liaison Collaborative (Sep 7th~)

[The Forge] Sophia Top Maitreya

--- TattooMania@anyBody

TattooMania / T-24

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2017 0905 {egosumaii} Extra Bento Arms + {aii} Hungry Oni Omega Tattoo@KAGAMI

The Other World

--- {aii}@KAGAMI (~Sep 9th)

{egosumaii} Extra Bento Arms Bento animated
+ Extra Arms Lower (uses hind leg bones) + {aii}
+ Extra Arms Upper (uses wing bones) + {aii}
+ Extra Arms Upper + Magic Orbs (uses wing bones) + {aii}
+ Upper arms Shawl (add-on) + {egosumaii}
+ Wine Goblet (drinking animation V2) + {egosumaii}

{aii} Hungry Oni Omega Tattoo

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LOOK 1149

SKIN: SPIRIT Skins - Anastasia skin Nut [Catwa app]
♥APPLIERS BODY:  SPIRIT Skins - Maitreya body applier
SHAPE:CATWA Bento Shape [Start your shape with me]
♥HAIR BASE: SIIX // Safari Hairbase // Light Brown
♥HAIR:  TABLEAU VIVANT Tableau Vivant \ Rossella hair [common] @THE ARCADE GACHA EVENTS   new
♥EARRING AND NECKLACE  #187# Cross Earring  #187# Cross Necklace@ Suicide Dollz
♥OUTFIT: TOP [The Forge] Sophia Top, Black @Liason Collective
SPIRIT - Road jeans [Maitreya Lara]
SPIRIT - Road top [Maitreya Lara]


Sweater: *COCO*_OversizedSweater(Black) @ Fameshed
Pants: !APHORISM! - Jane BF Jeans Worn Vintage @ Fameshed
Boots: [The Forge] Chealsea Boots, Black @ Fameshed
Pig: JIAN Playtime Piglets 4. Bicolor Companion @ The Arcade
Glasses: TBF SOHO Wayfarer Glasses.MP
Hair: tram G0106
Head: Lelutka-Chloe

LOOK 1143

LOOK 1143

SKIN: New Faces - Brenda [NC45] (Lelutka)
APPLIERS .New Faces  New Faces - Maitreya Body App [V2.2]
♥LIPS: ::Modish::: ::::Modish::Iris [Lelutka] (D02)Face Applier HUDnew
SHAPE: LeLutka.Default.Sim::
♥EYES:.LeLutka.    Eyes.Simone 3.0
♥HEAD:.  LELUTKA Head.Simone 3.0
♥HAIR: Beusy: Psuni Hairstyle / Fatpack (unpacked)@AQUA
♥CHOKER:  Narcisse- Edith Pearl Choker & Bracelets
Now out at Cosmopolitan  Edith Choker & Pearls compliments the Cora Gown
♥SCENE: FOXCITY. Photo Booth - A Fool's Paradise (Rez)
♥NAILS: Love [Bad Blood Gacha] Blogger Pack (WEAR ME)
♥GLASSES: [The Forge] Harper Cateye Sunglasses.
♥BOOTS: [The Forge] Chealsea Boots, Fatpack

2017 0902 DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – LIGHT | [The Forge] Chealsea Boots@Fameshed

Light ones

--- DRD - Shadow Box September 2017 ← Check out details and subscribe :)

DRD - Series 01 - Armchair - Light
DRD - Series 01 - China Cabinet - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Clock Shelf - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Coffee Table - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Floor Lamp - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Piano Chair - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Upright Piano - Light
DRD - Series 01 - Velvet Couch - Light

--- [The Forge]@Fameshed

[The Forge] Chealsea Boots, Red Leatherette

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