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2017 1114 Enchantment – !dm deviousMind, [Grunt], Moon_Sha, The Looking Glass & Mosquito’s Way

Snow's Ride

--- Enchantment (Nov 15-30) Snow White Round

!dm deviousMind

!dM Intrigue - HairStick **ENCHANTMENT SPECIAL** (right)
!dM Intrigue - PoisonComb **ENCHANTMENT SPECIAL** (left)
!dM Intrigue - PoisonComb **ENCHANTMENT SPECIAL** (right)
!dM Possessed - Lil' Miss Snow's LockedCollar **ENCHANTMENT**
!dM Lil' Miss Snow - LARA corsetDress **GOLD/AZURE**
!dM Lil' Miss Snow - waistRope/M **GOLD**
!dM Lil' Miss Snow - apple&pearls

- [Grunt] - The Next Dwarves

Grunt - The Next Dwarves. -  Be Right Backy
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. -  Funny
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. -  Nooby
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. - Farty
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. - Mouthy RARE
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. - Scripty
Grunt - The Next Dwarves. - Spendy

"Moon_Sha" Entrance Mine

"Moon_Sha" Entrance Gold Mine
"Moon_Sha" Gold Cart
"Moon_Sha" Gold Heap
"Moon_Sha" Ground Gold Dust
"Moon_Sha" Shoveling Gold Heap

-- The Looking Glass TLG- Snow's Retreat Gacha

TLG - Snow's Retreat RARE

Mosquito's Way 

Mosquito's Way - Clara for Maitreya

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Is there anyone more beautiful than me?

mirror mirror

🎧Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

TLG-The Looking Glass: Snow’s Retreat – Gacha set 18 pieces. New Release for “Enchantment” Snow White event November 11th to 30th 2017

TLG main store

2017 1110 Enchantment – W-ZERO, The Looking Glass & striped mocha

Snow's Retreat

--- Enchantment "Snow White" Round (Starts Nov 11th)

-00-SnowWhite-blue dress & sleeves

- striped mocha
striped mocha - gold sprinkled apple

The Looking Glass

TLG- Snow's Retreat Gacha -

TLG - Snow's Retreat  Apple Crate Sofa
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Candles
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Clock
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Crate Shelves large
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Crate Shelves small
TLG - Snow's Retreat Apple Photo Frame
TLG - Snow's Retreat Coffee Table
TLG - Snow's Retreat Couples Apple Crate Seat
TLG - Snow's Retreat Dwarf Bookshelf
TLG - Snow's Retreat Mirror Mirror
TLG - Snow's Retreat Picture Frame
TLG - Snow's Retreat Potpourri Jars
TLG - Snow's Retreat Sideboard
TLG - Snow's Retreat Snow Apples
TLG - Snow's Retreat Stool 1
TLG - Snow's Retreat Stool 2
TLG - Snow's Retreat Table Lamp
TLG - Snow's Retreat Vase

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Versace on the Floor


🎧Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor

Pose: CS- Come Soon – Love in the Pool pose and set – Cosmopolitan Event Nov.2017

Furniture: TLG -The Looking Glass – The Torch Singer – Gacha Set

2017 1025 [Canimal] Boho Gacha@N21

Voodoo Boho

--- [Canimal]@N21

[Canimal] Boho Gacha
[Canimal] Boho Headdress  - Summer
[Canimal] Boho Septumv2 Emerald
[Canimal] Boho Angel Dress Blue
[Canimal] Boho Bracalet Summer
[Canimal] Boho Dream Catcher
[Canimal] Henna Tattoo HUD

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair

TLG - The Hounfor Gacha
TLG - Hounfor Totem
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Purple
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Teal
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Pink

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Let it Rain

Let it Rain

🎧Amanda Marshall – Let it rain

Pose: Coming Soon Poses – Haunted Night pose and set at The Chapter Four Event

Location: The Looking Glass

CS store

Man tips: Coat: Gabriel – Double long coat; Pants: Gabriel – Boots in color Denim pants; Boots: Gabriel – Strap Boots


Voodoo Child

🎧: Angélique Kidjo – Voodoo Child

The Looking Glass: New Gacha Set Release for The Secret Affair October 2017 “Voodoo”.

Hounfor Gacha, 20 commons, 2 rares.

In picture: Rug Rack; Totem; Voodoo Chair (rare); Moon Shelf (rare); Desk; Whitches Balls; Star Drapes; Velvet Drapes and Standard Lamp. Table; Crystal Balls; Cards and Runes; Desk Clutter and Creepy Rose.

Location: The Looking Glass

2017 1015 The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair | Canimal@Cosmopolitan | [RA] Hair@We Love Role-Play

The Hounfor

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Oct 15th~)

TLG - Hounfor Gacha

TLG - Hounfor Cabinet
TLG - Hounfor Cards and Runes Prop
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Pink
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Purple
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Teal
TLG - Hounfor Crystal Balls
TLG - Hounfor Desk
TLG - Hounfor Desk Clutter
TLG - Hounfor Fireplace
TLG - Hounfor Moon Shelf RARE
TLG - Hounfor Priestess Drape
TLG - Hounfor Rug
TLG - Hounfor Rug Rack
TLG - Hounfor Skeleton Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skull Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skulls Drape
TLG - Hounfor Standard Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 1
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 2
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 3
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 4
TLG - Hounfor Table
TLG - Hounfor Table Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Totem
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Chair RARE
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Doll Drape
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Stool
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Wall Hanging
TLG - Hounfor Witches Balls

--- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] - Noir Maitreya

--- We<3RP 

[RUNAWAY HAIR] [RA] Cindy Hair

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2017 1013 [The Forge] Amelia Dress@The Seasons Story | NAMINOKE Face Flower Accessories@The Dark Style Fair

NAMINOKE Dark Style Fair The Forge TSS

--- [The Forge]@The Seasons Story

 [The Forge] Amelia Dress - Maitreya

--- NAMINOKE@The Dark Style Fair (Oct 14th ~)

*N*FaceFlower Eye Patch -
*N*FaceFlower Eye Patch L TEAL
*N*FaceFlower Hair Pierce R TEAL
*N*FaceFlower Eye Patch L PNK
*N*FaceFlower Hair Pierce R PNK

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2017 1012 Panic of Pumpkin – Sakka, Silvery K & Frangipani Garden

Welcome back

--- Panic of Pumpkin (starts Oct 12 8AM SLT)

- Sakka
Ss-vintage maid uniform(Slink) - gray stripe

*:..Silvery K..:*
*:..Silvery K..:*Tea set tray(Square rose)Panic of Pumpkin Hunt
This item is a 24 hours limited Hunt prize during -
October 25th 8:00am - 7:59am(PDT)
10月26日 0:00am - 23:59 (Japan time)
After the hunt this item will be available at the event for 50L$

*Frangipani Garden*
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe Gacha
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #01_Ghost Maid (Bunting)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #02_Ghost Maid (Spoon)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #03_Ghost Maid (Order)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #04_Ghost Maid (Ketchap)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #05_Ghost Maid (Teapot)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #06_Ghost Maid (Candle)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #07_MoeMoeOmurice (Omlette with Rice)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #08_MangaNiku (Meat on Born)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #09_Sweets Box
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #10_PrinParfait
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #11_Tea (Purple)
*FG* Ghost Maid Cafe #12_Tea (Yellow)

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