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More honest than I want.

Pose :  .HG.  Jess Four

Location : Arranmore

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : Glam Affair - Milu - Catwa Head Applier - Good Girl ( Polar ) (Note : The polar tone is NOT in your Maitreya hud. You need to purchase the body applier separately - but it does come with this cute freckles version, too! o/)
Head : CATWA Catya 
Eyes : Clemmm - I'm Tired Eyes / Steely Bloodshot
Freckles & Moles :  Bossie. freckles & beauty marks [catwa]
Eyeliner : Veechi - Matte Winged Eyeliner [Catwa]
Nosebleed : Clemmm - Nosebleed .7
Hairbase :  Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 03
Septum : AITUI - Septum Ring
Hair :  Exile - Break the Rules Hair @ Collabor88
Hat : No longer available (sorry)
Necklace :  Kibitz - Dont want ur attention necklace @ Kustom9
Tattoo : -[TWC]- My butterfly
Shirt & Romper : Love [Bitch Fit] Gacha #25 RARE (Gacha) @ Somber
Backpack : =Zenith= Coffin Backpack (Bone) (Gacha)
Nails : Astralia - Compatible mesh nails system
Nail Polish : Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - Astralia - The Bold One (Free Gift @ Astralia)
Rings : Kibitz - Nightmare ring set - gold (updated for Maitreya bento, automatically delivered)
Gloves : *The Mystic*Gothic Glove 
Leg Warmers & Sneakers : Blueberry - Tinker Leg Warmer Set

Cry Little Sister

Immortal fear, that voice so clear
Through broken walls, that scream I hear
Cry little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come to your brother (Thou shall not fall)
Unchain me sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)
~From "The Lost Boys"

Cry Little Sister


On Me:
Tapestry 1 B, Punk Leather Vest, Collar & Tartan Skirt by Meva @ Rewind *New*
Babygirl Hair by #Foxy @ N21 *New*
After gasmask by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Thereafter *New*
Survivor Dirt by The White Crow
Pose w/ Gun: Fight For It by Drunk Panda @ Thereafter *New*

Old Punk Hideout by Unkindness @ Rewind *New*

fire in a barrel / rusted by Floorplan @ Thereafter *New*

The Skulls by Noble Creations

Decor: Highway Tribe Trophy large by Contraption @ Thereafter *New*

Last Refuge - Dirty Mattress - PG by Zerkalo @ Thereafter *New*

SRS Barrel Mess 2 by Unkindness

Magical Walk

Head- Catwa Lona
Skin- .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier - Honey 3
Eyes- MESANGE - Skye Eyes @ On9
Cuts- -[The White Crow]- Deepest bear
Hair- Doe: Tay
Bod- Maitreya Lara
Umbrella- Yokai - Magical Mushrooms GACHA @ The Gacha Garden
Dress- Yokai - blossom dress   dead rose (Limited Edition) @ Limit8
Socks/Shoes- NS:: Cutie Store Lolicon Strap Buckle
Pose- [InDiGo] Female Portrait Bento Poses Pack

As We Approach The End

As we approach the end
Spinning my head
Stealing my breath
You claim what is mine
An unequal fight
All I have is my pride

Monday - Woke up, went to work, went out with the girls afterwards for drinks, came home and slept
Tuesday - Same as Monday except came home a little earlier from work and made meatloaf and string beans for dinner
Wednesday - Was awoken at 3:17am by explosions and scream. Upon inspection of the outdoors it looks like we are at all out war with someone.
5:00am rounded up to a school bus but then attacked by bullets and what looks like insane men/women.  Those of us alive get on the bus and plow our way out through the crowd and violence
7:44am - Arrive at what looks like a military border stop.  We are pulled out from our vehicle and thrown into what looks like a prison cell.  I still have no idea what is happening.

Time is indiscernible - I hear explosions, screams and more gunshots.  A fire breaks out.  Is the world ending? . . .

As We Approach The End


On Me:
Bena Outfit: Scarf, Dress & Belt by Miss Chelsea *Coming Soon to Thereafter*
Hair: Tumbleweeds by Besom
Fishnet Tights by Wicca's Wardrobe 
Pose: Kazi G. Sit 4 by La Baguette

Last Refuge - Dirty Mattress & Supply Shelf - Decor by Zerkalo *Coming Soon to Thereafter*

Southern Shelties 8. Sleeping Shelties by Jian

GG - Shark Axe by Death Row Designs

. Death and all her friends .


On all 3 Alexs:
Head ~ Catya (Catwa)
Skin ~ Sarah (Glam Affair)
Ears ~ Pixie Ears (Swallow)
Eyes ~ Death of a Unicorn (Quirky) [out now @ Somber]
Nails ~ Ballerina Couturete – Bento – Maitreya (FORMANAILS)
Rings ~ Lunar Ascendant Rings (Astralia)
Septum ~ Gems Septum (Suicidal Unborn)

Left Alex:
Hair ~ Snob (DOUX)
Antlers ~ Entangled Antlers (Lovely Disarray)
Head Chain ~ LeLuna Head Chain (.random.Matter.)
Eyeshadow ~ Smokey Eyeshadow (Suicidal Unborn)
Lipstick ~ Vivid Matte (L’etre)
Tattoo ~ Crucifix (. W X T C H B A B Y .) [out now @ Somber]
Arm Strap ~ Astrexia Arm Cuff (Quirky)
Bodysuit ~ Rosey Bodysuit (REIGN) [out now @ C88]

Center Alex:
Hair ~ Dreem (DOUX)
Horns ~ Hued Hellion Horns (Lovely Disarray)
Bullet + Makeup ~ Death of a Unicorn (Quirky) [out now @ Somber]
Neck ~ Echo – Choker (Lovely Alien) [out now @ Somber]
Tattoo ~ Sangre (Guhit Tattoos) [out now @ Somber]
Dress ~ Bodycon Dress (Tres Blah) [out now @ C88]

Right Alex:
Hair ~ June (Entwined)
Crown ~ Tooth Fairy Crown (Cute Poison)
Bindi ~ Trine (PUNCH)
Tattoo (including face) ~ Shadows (The White Crow) [out now @ Somber]
Top ~ Black Mesh Top (Lazybones) [out now @ Uber]
Skirt ~ Saki Skirt (Candydoll)
Garter Socks ~ Katie Socks (Candydoll)

Poses Used
Left ~ Bleeding Heart w/Prop
Center ~ I Lobe You w/Prop
Right ~ Eye of the Beholder w/Prop
all from Stonerella from the ‘Sudden Death’ set out now @ Somber


“Sometimes you have to do something ugly so that something beautiful can grow.” 
― Cedric Nye, Jango's Anthem



On Me:
Hair: Elena - Bloody Naturals by Alice Project
Loretta Tee by Fetch @ Rewind *New*
Sidd Kilt by Narcisse @ Rewind *New*
Stellar Glasses by ERSCH @ The Coven *New*
Lunar Septum Gold by Sweet Lies @ The Coven *New*
Sabbath Collar by The Forge @ Rewind *New*
Hack Bat, Black Rare by The Forge
Dirt & Blood by The White Crow
Pose: The Dahlia Series Four by An Lar Poses

Chester Helmet - July Group Gift by Death Row Designs *New*
Stick XL - Apocalypse RARE by BAMSE
Midsummer Memories GACHA / Ultra Rare2 by AMI:HAI @ Okinawa Summer Festival *New*

Beginning of the Dead

"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door." 
― Amanda Hocking

Beginning of the Dead


1(800)HELLB*TCH Gacha Set: Dial Tone Ponytail RARE, "WISH U WEREN'T" Neon #7 & Call Me Neon Sign (Common) by Beusy @ Kustom9 *New*
T.G.I.F Gacha set: Top & Skirt by Fetch @ Rewind *New*
Katana Heels by The Forge @ Kustom9 *New*
Dirt & Blood by The White Crow
Pose: Sits Vol. 1-4m by Foxcity

Anthophila Books Gunmetal by Plastik @ Whimsical *New*
Wasteland Backpack by Death Row Designs @ N21 *New*
Head in a Bag by Mesh Fantasy
Prickly Smasher, The Forge

What Still Remains

“The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor; I’ve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe that there’s a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell.” 
― Aaron B. Powell, Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector

Once the center of pharmaceutical greatness, San Mora is now a ruin of its former self. Quarantined at the outbreak of a deadly contagion of its own making, the population was left to survive the best they could. Without law and order the city descended into chaos. The fires have long since burned out, and the city is being reclaimed by a hostile Nature. But all that is silent is not necessarily empty. There are still those who roam among the ruins of San Mora. (Taken from HERE)

It's cold and rainy.  There is no place to run or hide.  There is nothing safe.  The result of a failed drug test.  They told her it would cure her.  Remove the disease inside her. In the end, all the drugs did was drag up the vile venom deep within creating what she is today.  A mutant with no home.  A creature who is part human and part one of the very things she despised most when she was human . .  a damned spider.  Each day she runs through all the crevices and corners of San Mora, hiding from the dreaded light.  At night she fights to protect her life and those who may hire her for money.  San Mora, once a beautiful city of progress and medical technology is now a shadow of its former glory.

San Mora is one of 15 sims created for this years Fantasy Faire!  Come join the role playing fun as well as all the great shopping, photo friendly areas and parties.  The Fantasy Faire is a Relay For Life Event!  So a lot of the proceeds go towards finding a cure for cancer. There are donation booths everywhere as well as special exclusive RFL items for you to purchase that go directly to Relay for Life.

What Still Remains


Photo taken on the San Mora sim (built by the designers of Death Row Designs) at The Fantasy Faire!

San Mora Set: Grocery Decor - Rice Pallet, Street Clutter - Metal Barrier - B, Street Clutter - Crumbled Cement Barrier, Street Clutter - Cone, Apartment - A, &  City Trash - Bins by Death Row Designs @ The Fantasy Faire *New*

On Me:
Debrah Skin in Dark (On Catwa Lona) by Avenge @ Tres Chic *New*
Dirt & Blood (face & body) by The White Crow
Vida Hairstyle by Beusy @ N21 *New*
Lili Tee Dress by Miss Chelsea @ N21 *New*
Round Choker by Kibitz @ N21 *New*
Seline Boots by The Forge @ Limit8 *New*
Psyrachnid Bento Arms by Fetch & Abstract Soul @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Junkyard Axe by EZ Weapons/The Forge
Pose: G.Sits Vol1-4 by Foxcity

Bloody Mary

I shall never sleep calmly again when I think of the horrors that lurk ceaselessly behind life in time and in space, and of those unhallowed blasphemies from elder stars which dream beneath the sea, known and favoured by a nightmare cult ready and eager to loose them upon the world whenever another earthquake shall heave their monstrous stone city again to the sun and air.
~H. P. Lovecraft
Join the Totally Top Shelf inworld group to get a Adventure hunt HUD so you can collect all the new prizes and see all the new items for this event!

Bloody Mary


Skin: Amira in Africa (On Catwa Lona) by Glam Affair @ Lootbox *New*
Blood: Lament III by The White Crow
Yuli Bodysuit, Rye Halo, Rye Collar & GLossy Horns by VoluptasVirutalis @ The Black Fair *New*
Hair: Eliminated by Moon
Nails: Coffin Ultra by #Empire
Pose w/ Mirror: Dramatic Poses by La Jolie Rose

Illuminated Wall Sconce by The Half Moon Market for Totally Top Shelf Adventure Hunt *New*

Gorean Escapades

Fate changed
Life healed like a wound
How does the kind of life heal
That leaves such a scar?
I cover myself, I uncover myself

She looked into his eyes and knew her fate.  She disobeyed her Masters orders and her punishment was coming.  "Did she do this on purpose?" She thought. "Does she wish to gain my Master's attention?  Or is she just not cut out to remain his slave?" . . .  

Lootbox is in full swing and Meva has a neat little gacha for you all to play. The gacha includes a servant or slave girl dress (think Gorean style) with a belt and all sorts of neat attachments for the belt like bones, cups and buckles.  Its is really neat and you can mix and match the colors and items.  This is a great item for you role-players out there!

Gorean Escapades


Skin: Lulu (GGJan) - 06-2 (Lelutka Simone) by Birth
Hair: Niki by Fabia @ Gacha Guardians *New*
Yuna Dress & Belt Gacha Set by Meva @ Lootbox *New*
Slave Collar by Obscure
Beauty Marks by The White Crow
Pose: Harvie's Fun by Rack Poses

Wood Candelabrum - 5 Flames by Noble Creations
Celtic Master Throne & Fur Rug by Moon_Sha