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Empathy for the Devil

Monday morning ramblings from me today as I think out loud about a subject! We all need a kick up the ass sometimes to make us appreciate those we have around us and the trials that they have going on in their life. Everyone is dealing with their own battles and while we are we...

nothing better to do

nothing better to do


Misa Kimono ~ United Colors ~ now at Kustom9

G0210 Hair ~ tram

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka


Midnight Alley ~ Naberius ~ now at 6Republic (closes 20 Nov, 12pm slt!)

Knucklehead Digger Motorcycle ~ 10T&Co ~ now at 6Republic

Hot Pot Party Set ~ CLAVv ~ now at 6Republic
Nabe (RARE)
Rice Set
Miso Soup

Rising Sun Stack of Cups ~ THOR ~ now at 6Republic
Rising Sun Sake Set ~ THOR ~ now at 6Republic

Maneki Neon ~ kosmii ~ now at 6Republic
Japanese Apothecary Cabinet ~ kosmii ~ now at 6Republic

CURELESS[+] Anointed Hands / BLACK @ Remnant (maitreya &…

CURELESS[+] Anointed Hands / BLACK @ Remnant

(maitreya & omega compatible!)

Other Worn:

CURELESS[+] Little Red Wolf / Favorite Dress / Overskirt

CURELESS[+] Little Red Wolf / Favorite Dress / RARE

CURELESS[+] Little Red Wolf / Tattered Hood / EXTRA

CURELESS[+] Little Red Wolf / Harvest Basket / BEIGE

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Eve’s Snakes  RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Forbidden fruits (Red) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

tram F623 hair / FATPACK

**CC** Mother Nature Aura (Crimson)

2017 1119 Enchantment – Noble Creations, Boomerang & Dreamcatcher

Mirror, Mirror

--- Enchantment

[NC] - Mirror Mirror Dress - Maitreya - Black
+Dreamcatcher+ Crown of fate
[Boomerang]/[Grunt]Evil Mirror

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2017 1117 {vincue} & Momento – Buwie+Set@KUSTOM9 | ANE Decor – Cheeky Hamsters Set@Candy Fair


--- {vincue} & Momento@KUSTOM9

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Set

{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Jacket - RARE [Hourglass]
{vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Boots [Hourglass]

--- ANE@Candy Fair

A N E Decor - Cheeky hamsters Set

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  Powder Pack - Catwa - Nov  Marketplace

amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA NOV 2017

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* "Dramatic Eyes & Lashes" - *Powder Pack - Catwa May - MP

tram G0518 hair
erratic / diana - v thong & tube bra

2017 1113 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – CUREMORE, Velvet Whip & Static


--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

CUREMORE Lost Paradise

CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Wreath (Red)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Eden Diorama / RARE
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Paradise Tree (Beige)(Brown)(Burning Tree)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise /Crawling Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / TreeHanging Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Crawling HeadUp Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Rolled Snake (Fire)(Beige)(Ash)(Coal)
CUREMORE / Lost Paradise / Forbidden fruits (Coal)(Fire)(Green)(Red)

- Velvet Whip [V/W] Wasteland Garden Gacha

[V/W] Soap Jug Calla
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Soup"
[V/W] Cyber Orchid
[V/W] Teapot Aloe
[V/W] Old Crate Plant
[V/W] Tyre Tree
[V/W] Canned Flowers "Pummaro"

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead

::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 01
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 07
::Static:: Wasteland Warhead - 16 RARE

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❤ Flight Skirt ❤ Thxxx Stephanie , Thxxx Helga , Thxxx Juicy , Thxxx Matt , Thxxx Missy , Thxxx Vanilla & Thxxx Appliqué !!!

Skin : Avada. (New!!)(Appliqué) Raine Lumiere Catwa Head Applier
Make Up : Veechi. (New!!)(Rewind) Pin Up Liner [Catwa]
Make Up : -ARTERY- (New!!)(Appliqué) Soft Matte Lip
Eyes : .ARISE. (New!!)(Sad November) Fera Eyes / Pack 1
Hair : tram. (New!!)(C88) G1025 hair / HUD-B
Top : *VanillaBae* (New!!) Lexi Top - Strip Me - Cream 
Skirt : The Bishes Inc. (New!!) Bootylicious Skirt Turquoise
Shoes : Phedora. (New!!)(Rewind) Claudia heels ~ 28 c (unpacked)
Tattoo : (( Cheeky Ink )) (New!!)(XXX Event) Jamboree Tattoo
Nails : [AB] (New!!)(Sad November) November BENTO Nails Matte
Rings : MINIMAL. Eva Rings Gold

2017 1112 [White~Widow] Carbone Tattoo@Man Cave | Poseidon Poses Hot Coffee Blues Bento Poses@Sad November


--- [White~Widow]@Man Cave

[White~Widow] Carbone Tattoo - Blue (Black, Blue, Henna)

--- Poseidon Poses@Sad Novemver

Poseidon - Hot Coffee Blues Bento Poses & Props

--- Avatar

tram G0613 hair
Insol: Valery skin
Insol: "Lily Collection" Brows/Gross/Lips (CATWA)
VoluptasVirtualis \//. Koko Eyes
+ Tainted Lady Make up & Lashes + {aii} - Lashes
Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara
Mon Chéri *MC* Tampa Bikini Top - Lara 
.AiShA. Lyn Leather Leggins Black Maitreya

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044 maybe we would rather take the bed

hair: tram G1025 hair new @ C88

outfit: anny's Fashion [AF] Athena Croche Sweater Dress and Hat *Fatpack* new thanks ❤ exclusiv the best point

Cassandra Couture - CLASS ACT laced high boots lara new thanks ❤ exklusiv the best point

shape: Shape Isa Kwon new thanks ❤ the best point after event mp kwon

asseccoirs: Fortuna - bracelets Cassandra thanks ❤ the best point after event inworld fortuna

decor: BLOGGERS. Armonia Decor & Events. thanks ❤ exklusiv the best point

pose: ENIIPose ENIIPose-Couple#19 thanks ❤ the best point after event inworld ENIIPose