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The Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I'll hear old winter's song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

                ~~ Nat King Cole



Dress - Artizana
Multi Fits
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Hexe Heels
Part of Hexe Outfit
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Skin/Applier - *YS&YS*
Vania Tone 03 (Lelutka)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Pose - Verocity Poses
Grace 3m
Set 50Ls on Marketplace

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

No Good In A Bed But Fine Up Against A Wall

For those familiar with my blogging style, I will often spice up things with humor, almost to the detriment of a pretty pic! While searching for quotes, I happened upon this:

"I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall." ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Hahaha, oh my, and how cute that she shared that! Well, wearing any of these items will NOT merit you in a "no good in bed" category. Maybe fine up against a wall, much more than fine highly likely. ;) Yes, I went there. No, I'm not ashamed. Hahaha.


Hair - -FABIA- Luisa

Jewelry - Glint
Lace & gem changeable pic choker
@ Fashion Dazzle until Sept. 25th !!

Outfit - American Bazaar
Suki Bodysuit
Multiple Fits, Colors - Original Mesh
anyBODY until Sept. 15th (hurry) !!
♥ ♥ ♥
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Gloves - [[ Masoom ]]
Rigged for Maitreya Lara and Vista Female Bento Hands Only
Available in 14 colors, 6 Metal Options
Materials Enabled
Exclusive @ The Trunk Show until Sept. 19th !!
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100% Original Mesh & Textures

(Maitreya, Belleza, Omega)
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Eyes - :::Sn@tch:::
Unrigged Mesh, System & Omega!
30 Colors!!
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Cicely - Tone Worn (Oak)
Lots of updates to skins; this one is beautiful.
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.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Pose - Verocity - Holly 1 (wall lean)
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Rose - ..{peachBleach}..
Red Rose w/ hold anim
Direct MP Link

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

The Druidess

 Wandering through several lands, I finally found one that I really liked and wanted to take pictures at with this style I have on. Holding the great staff *man that was heavy!* and feeling sexy with one shoulder bared. Beautiful Celtic artwork upon the material, long flowing red hair, and flawless skin, with a finishing touch tattoo.

Pictures taken at Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost (closes Sept 15)
Poses are from the Alyssa Set by Verocity. Contains 6 poses + mirrors

7 Deadly s[K]ins again gives the very best to her VIPs with the new skin Cicely. There is a VIP gift of this skin with Omega appliers for body&face in oak and then another box which is a special sale only for the VIPs which includes Omega appliers for body&face in 6 more skin tones, including the one I am wearing, pineapple, shape and brow shape. This skin is one based off on the Lelutka bento mesh head but compatible with other heads, be sure to try a demo first. I have on the Catwa Catya head, Maitreya body and Vista hands.

MICHAN designed the great Arisu Eyes that I am wearing exclusively for  The Artist’s Palette September 8th- 28th. There are 5 great colors (shown below) on a Catwa applier to enjoy.

Sn@tch has another lovely new hair release for us.  Dahlia comes with 2 mesh sizes and is available in your choice of 5 different color packs.

Applique` Chic created the lovely Celtic Enchantress Dress shown here in Green. This is an exclusive at Twe12ve's Birthday Round Sept 12-30, with 12 colors to choose from. Each comes with your choice of the celtic artwork or plain. They also have created the Celtic Staff with 12 gem color change HUD, this is a GIFT at the event for only 12L.

Also by Applique` Chic is a great gacha collection, the Celtic Enchantress Tiara with the rare shown here. There are 12 common and 1 rare. These each come with different stones to collect. The rare includes a color changing hud. Another item to be found at Twe12ve's Birthday Round

Lush created a great excllusive as well for Twe12ve's Birthday Round. The  Magic Swirls Tattoo includes 3 fade options with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, and Slink.

.kosmetik has an item at 12 as well. The lovely Gel Nails.serotinal include huds for Omega, Vista, Maitreya and Slink. It includes 9 colors in 2 patterns and matches well with any outfit. This is also an exclusive at Twe12ve's Birthday Round

Sun Shining Bright

Out in the country, the sun shining brightly but not too warm, fall is in the air and I am loving it. Even the horses seem to be enjoying this cooler weather after the horribly hot summer we have had.

This picture was taken at Val d'Orcia using the Jay Battlescars 6.0 Terral windlight.

   7 Deadly s{K}ins has some big news!! NEW skin tones are making their debut in the next few days, but you can get a jump on checking them out with the test skin box located at the main store right now. The new tones are shown above on the new Vyra skin and they are fantastic!

My eyes are the IKON Triumph Eyes in the Industrial color. These include mesh and system eyes in 4 sizes, along with a placement hud.

Go Frock Yourself designed these amazing Diagonal Nail Appliers with a 4 texture pallet. They come with appliers for Belleza, Slink and Omega compatible hands.

La Gazza Ladra designed the cute outfit called, Whipcat. Shown here in the Cobalt color combination, these are available in 10 different combinations and include the crocheted tank top and hot pants. In standard fitmesh, Maitreya and Slink sizes, they are exclusively on sale now at Tres Chic which ends Sept 10.

-Desmonia- created the pretty Amy Side Braid shown here. Available in a great fatpack, this is an exclusive at the Level Up event until Sept 28.

 N-core has a great group gift out for the VIPs. The Ciara "Strappy Edition"  heels shown here in Nude, come in a collection of 10 colors, with one new color set out each Friday. These are compatible with Belleza, Slink and Maitreya.

Verocity has their great Harper Pose Set, with 6 poses + mirrors, on sale this coming Tuesday, Sept 12, for Hello Tuesday

Beat Of Her Own Drum

 Life in the jungle can be difficult, danger from predators, disease, and even starvation. But there's a beauty that draws us to it anyway. The animals, dangerous or not, are one with us. And one can even feel more with the animals in these great dresses I'll tell you about in a moment. I enjoyed my time visiting Aly's Fine Art  & Jungle with so many photo ops available or even just a spot to relax and enjoy with a special someone. 

This fabulous skin is called Arnica v2 by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. There are 2 different skin packs available, medium/dark & pale/tanned. I have on the walnut tone from the dark box in these pictures. Modeled after the [GA.EG] Barbara bento mesh head, these boxes contain Omega face appliers in 6 skin tones which apply BOTH the face and body. There is also a shape available for purchase, which I am also wearing along with my Catwa Catya head. You can find this skin at Chapter 4 Sept 4 - Oct 1. They are also having some great sales at the mainstore right now, be sure to go check them out.

 The hair worn is Uhura by !!Firelight!!. This hair is on sale at Designers Circle Sept 3-16 for only $99L a texture pack with several to choose from. Or you can pick up the fatpack at the main store. This is a great ethnic looking hair for anyone who loves lots of curls.

Inkheart is also participating in The Purpose Hunt Sept 3-Oct 3 with 4 great eyes gifts named, Allie. I have on the Fable tone in these pictures. They include system, mesh and Omega/Genesis appliers. 4 different sizes included to fit your look.

VENGE created the Original Mesh Aglaea Septum Piercings as an exclusive for Suicide Dollz Sept 3-15. These come with a hud containing 3 metals choices, and 4 gem color choices. This is also adjustable.

Go Frock Yourself has some new Autumn Nail Appliers for us. These come with appliers for Slink, Omega and Belleza nails and a great 10 texture hud. Shown here on Vista bento hands. They are also having a huge retirement sale right now, so stop by and pick up some great nails for cheap.

These sexy Madness Heels by [::Hysterical::] are on sale at Fitmesh Designers Expose  1st Anniversary Discount Event 1-21st September, where they are a sponsor. The nails come with a 20 color texture change hud and compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink feet.

 Now, about this fantastic dress! I waited until last to talk about it because I have a LOT of pictures to show you. This dress is the Camelias Animal Print Dress by GeMyles. It is part of a gacha collection which I am going to model here for you. With 10 different prints, 6 commons, 3 semi-rare, 1 rare print and an Ultra Rare Hud of ALL 10 textures in Solid & Sheer versions! This is one of the many great items to be won in the Garden of Gachas at Fitmesh Designers Expose  . So, here we go, on with the show!! Mesh sizes in standard mesh, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and TMP.

The poses used are from the Winona pose set by Verocity. This set includes 6 poses and mirrors. 


Time To Get To Work

Hot day, spending time under the fans, but I know I have to get my work done. So, I settled down into our new workspace and starting to load things up. Really enjoying this set up, makes writing much better when one is relaxed.

Serenity Style designed the lovely Working Space Set. It includes chair, desk, pictures, shelf, workbook, computer, keyboard, and even the mouse. It is available at the mainstore and group members have a 20% discount.

Shown also is the Bear Planter by KITE. This is an Gift for the Birthday round of the Arcade Sept 1-30


This beautiful skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins is Salt. She is an Omega based face & body applier skin. Modeled after the LAQ bento shape Gaia, this skin is available in 2 different boxes. One with Dark/tanned skins and the other with pale/light skins ( I have on the pineapple tone here with the LAQ Trinity mesh head, Maitreya body and Vista hands. Each containing 5 skin tones and those great Omega appliers that apply both face and skin at the same time. There is also a shape available for LAQ bento heads.

Inkheart is participating in The Purpose Hunt Sept 3-Oct 3 with 4 great eyes gifts named, Allie. I have on the Fable tone in these pictures. They include system, mesh and Omega/Genesis appliers. 4 different sizes included to fit your look. The hunt is a fundraising hunt to help someone get their Diabetic Alert Dog home.

Sn@tch made the gorgeous hair that I am wearing called, Ava. This is a new release and comes with 2 sizes of mesh hair. It is available in 6 different color packs.

Sitting on the desk I have a couple of new little friends from the September birthday round of the Arcade. Assassin Harlequin & Purring Menace are both creations by Garbaggio, these include the display version and a holdable version. They are part of the Good & Evil Collection. Another gacha item is the Hammies & Coffee / Coffee set by MishMish. Always great to have a snack and coffee handy.
I am wearing the Pearls Body lingerie by Marquesse. This is an exclusive for Fashion Dazzle Sept 1-25 This great set includes Omega stockings in black and red, fitmesh and mesh body compatible sizes, necklace in 5 sizes and a great texture hud. It even comes with take off options for those intimate moments

Paired up with this sexiness is another item from the Arcade. This one is another Gift. The Kimi Heels in Black are a creation by Breathe. These are compatible with Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink feet.

Inevitable Madness is participating in the Twisted Victorian Hunt Sept 1-30! Their prize are these really cool nails appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Omega, and Vista.

+Half-Deer+ created another new little friend of mine, the Lazypuff Bunny - Fierce Foxy. This is another gacha item from the arcade, he has a whole family of different bunnies that you can win.

Verocity is the creator of the poses I used in this post. The Robin Pose Set comes with

Wonderful Day

YAY, it has been such a fantastic day!! I am simply loving the sun on my face and being dressed up for a wonderful date with Gwen later.

   7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Feijoa V2. This is a Omega hud based skin for face & body modeled after the Lelutka mesh head. It comes with 6 different skin tones, and your choice of two boxes. One with sunkissed skins, one without. I have on the caramel tone with my Catwa Catya head and Maitreya body. There is also a shape for the Lelutka bento head available.She will become available at Applique on September 15

MIRAGE made the Mesh Eyes, Celebration, that I am wearing.It comes with a 6 color hud.  Also included in the box are Mesh Eye Appliers for Catwa as well.

monso created these great braids called,  My Hair - Wheein for Uber. They come in 2 sizes and several color pack choices.

GeMyles designed this amazing outfit for us. The SherylRae Dress & Heels is an exclusive at Fitmesh Designers Expo Sept 1-21 where GeMyles is also a Sponsor.The dress comes in 5 classic, fitmesh sizes and mesh body sizes, and the shoes are compatible with Belleza, TMP, Slink and Maitreya. They also include a great 32 color palette texture hud! Fitmesh Designers Expo is celebrating their 1st Anniversary and there is going to be a huge sale!

Sn@tch  has some great specials out including the lovely Francine Latex Gloves. These system ruffled gloves with bows, include 14 colors and an Omega hud.These are on sale for Sn@tch N Grab for only $45L!

Verocity created the lovely Poppy Pose Set. This set comes with 6 poses + mirrors.

Pictures were taken at 'The Looking Glass'

Beautiful Weather

 Such a gorgeous day outside!! The animals are even coming out to play and we are getting the first little glimpses of the fall colors painting the leaves. I got to enjoy the sweet late summer air with some bears and chipmunks, while wearing a great outfit that is perfect for this time of year. 

Starting off by introducing the beautiful Cayenne skin by  7 Deadly s[K]ins. She is an Omega face and body applier based skin in 7 skin tones, modeled after the LAQ bento head Gaia, and on sale exclusively at Designer Showcase until Aug 31. Worn here with the LAQ Trinity mesh head and Maitreya Lara body.

MINA created the fantastic hair that I am wearing called, Myla. This is a fitted mesh hair in several color pack choices. Also by Mina is the great Omega hairbase hud, this can be worn with this hairstyle or you can use it alone and it would still look great. Guys, you would work this too! 

 Cherry's designed the lovely Lexa Dress as an exclusive for Has#tag's Urban round August 10-31. This dress is compatible with Slink, Belleza, &Maitreya. It comes with a great 4 texture hud
.: Lekilicious  Store:. designed these ultra sexy, Julia Sandals which are on sale at Has#tag's Urban round . They are compatible with Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP

Nord Embel'Lys designed the lovely Coeur d'Nord Set which consists of Necklace and earrings. They include a texture change hud with 3 metal choices. 100% mesh, resizeable and even a pose to use while adjusting is included on the hud. There is also a pair of matching bracelets which are sold separately. These are all new releases and can be found at the main store.

Dark Passions created the lovely Moroccan Chic nails. These are available with silver or gold accents (sold separately) They come with appliers for Omega, Maitreya and Slink, a 9 texture hud and are exclusive at Genre's Moroccan round August 15 - Sept 11.

The adorable animals were created by Simply Shelby. Shown are the Autumn Canoe Squirrels and Autumn Seesaw Bears both part of the new Autumn collection. Such a cute, whimsical addition to anyone's decor.

Verocity created the Azalea Pose Set which includes 6 static poses and mirrors. It is on sale during Hello Tuesday this week. Snag this up for only 25L!

Stalking Might Have Drawbacks

Wait for it...he should be right on time...there! I take off running. Ohh hi! I wave. Cute outfit, not a hair out of place. The perfect jogger yet I've barely broken a sweat. He's going to think I'm so athletic and be interested, right? After all, he's buff. I've seen him leaving the gym, and playing basketball.

Perhaps I should have rethought the flower wreath. Hmm. Well, he waved back. Before he sped off. Quickly. I think I startled him a little. Stalking might have drawbacks.

So what's new with me, for you, in this post. This super cute outfit, Workout, with matching sneakers by Desmonia is a main store release. The texture options are wonderful. I highly recommend it, great for stalking and any other activity, lol. My hair is Kimmie, a new release from Rezology, Bento fitted (fits great) and is materials enabled. Long and sleek, a thumbs up. Btw, Rezology has opened the floodgates with several new releases, all varied and beautiful, so make it a point to stop in the store. And...I have a new sponsor - Esode! I'll be sharing with you more lovely skins by Cleo Twist - I have long admired her work. This particular release is Alysha. The tones are so blushingly creamy. I love having a base blush, it's great for adding a tattoo, dimples, piercings, etc. while not foregoing a blush. My pose is by Verocity, from a pack called Azalea. This set or any other, Verocity is mindful of our lindens and offers us savings for our posing!

Thanks to all my sweet sponsors! Okay, now ya'll run and pick up these great items. Well, jog. ;)


Skin/Omega Applier - Esode
Direct Link To MP Item HERE
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
InWorld/ Marketplace

Hair - Rezology - InWorld
Kimmie - NEW !!
Bento, Materials Enabled

Outfit - -Desmonia- 
Maitreya, Slink(s), Belleza(s), TMP
Top, Shorts, Sneakers,
Even a Sports Bottle! (not depicted)
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Pose - Verocity - Azalea Set - 6
Hello Tuesday Sale! Only 25Ls Full Pack - 6 Poses Mirrors! Your Taxi
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Hair Accessory - [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Nimfa headband(Unrigged)

Eyes - :::Sn@tch:::
Unrigged Mesh, System & Omega!
30 Colors!!
 ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Lighting  - LUMIPro 2017

Location - My Home

Just Like Katy

And here she is now!! The star of our show, singing some song, we don't even know!! Oh to be a singer and dance upon a stage, making the crowds go wild. I could so do it!. But, here I am, singing by a fountain by a bunch of fat pigeons who don't even know I exist because I don't have any crackers for them.

The skin that I am wearing with the ohhh so adorable freckles is Raquel, freckled version in apricot, by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. She is a Lelutka based skin that includes a Lelutka mesh head applier modeled after the Lelutka Simone head (worn here with the Stella head), in 6 skin tones. This is also available in a separate box containing the same tones in plain version. Also available for purchase is the fantastic shape to go with it!

 The eyes are called Brenda in Almond by **Yeux** . These are mesh and system eyes available in several different colors.

Dark Passions has begun to make appliers for the sexy Astralia Stiletto nails. Such as these Shattered Dreams appliers which are an exclusive at the Cosmetic Fair Aug 15-31. These come with a 9 color choices applier hud.

Sn@tch created this fantastic new outfit as their latest Fish 4 This item. After School Special consists of 21 pieces to be fished for and won. 6 system sweaters and collars, 8 mesh jumpers, socks, shoes and even the hair! All you need is a 7Seas fishing pole which you can purchase from the vendor at the main store.

The pictures were taken at the lovely sim, Paris je t'aime
The Katy Pose Set was created by Verocity . Complete with microphone prop, 5 static poses plus mirrors.