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Be who you want to be not what others want to see



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

HEAD:  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0

EYES:  .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

HAIR:  Nutmeg & Entwined. Cameron

JACKET:  Scandalize. Anashara.JACKET.  @ Fameshed (NEW)

JUMPSUIT:  Scandalize. Anashara.JUMP.  @ Fameshed (NEW)

BOOTS:  N-core AUBRY “Black”



GOOSE – Caledon Barn @ 6 Republic (until 20th November)


Serenity Style– Canadian Friendly Ferrets GACHA @ 6 Republic (until 20th November)

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets –House

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Ginger

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Llying Brown

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Grey

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets –Ginger

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets –Couple

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Llying  Grey

Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets –Grey


Serenity Style– Hopatia Autumn Serie-@ The Liaison Collaborative (NEW)

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Tree

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Tree Bench

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Ground Leaves

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Coffee

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Donut

Serenity Style- Hopathia Autumn Scrabble


Little Branch_GiantCedar {Animated}*Seasons @ The Liaison Collaborative (NEW)


[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry 03 – random

5th nov 2017

inworld Jadelisous Resident

Shape: Shape Angel Catwa Catya Bento Maitreya (edited)
Body: -Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara  
Skin: Insol: face Alena, ST 'Creme'
Hair base: Hair base: .Tableau Vivant \ Catwa HB 
Hair: Stealthic - Reprise 
Eyes: ::SG:: Moon Eyes Mesh HUD CATWA
Make-up: . MILA . Perfect Bride
Lashes: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA LASHES "3 Sizes
Bra: Asteria "Sofia" [Maitreya/Belleza] Bustier (2 Options) - Red
Jacket: Blueberry - Kimi Jackets
Pants: Blueberry - Kimi Jackets
Boots: N-core CLEO "Black"
Ring: L&B (W) "Treasured 2011 - Pear" Wedding Ring

House: (r)M > Pyrus Studio < (Pear)
Grass: [we're CLOSED] grass field lush
Rock: volcanic rock formation - Giant XL - black-2

I am a huge fairytale fan, This pear house is amazing it's cute and sassy while keeping your fantasy alive. I think we might have a new house to live in


| Post 274 | Sunday

Hair: (r)M Hair No.53’17

Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly

Skin: DeeTaleZ  „Precious“ Mixedtype

Eyes:Izzie’s – Angel Eyes

Collar: [ILAYA] Esme – leather/metal Tres Chic

Piercing: [ kunst ] – Zed septum ring (b)

 Jacket: Blueberry – Kimi – Jacket – Leather – NEW


.:revival:. drying rack

[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

Keys Bungalo – For Max…

Galland Homes has donated the 'Keys Bungalow' beach shack for the For Max Event.  You can read the story behind the Mx Event 'here'.  The For Max Event is open until the 10th of October, and there has been an overwhelming amount of support by all concerned.  The Keys Bungalow is a one roomed beach home, which measures approx 10 X 22 M, with a land impact of 42.  There are ample windows throughout to enjoy the many beach views, gorgeous neutral textures for decorating to your own colour scheme, and has a lovely spacious veranda. You can see an inside view of the bungalow 'here'...

Galland Homes - Keys Bungalow @ For Max Event
(Milk Motion) The lost island skybox scene 
TLC Seagull - Flying 
TLC Seagull - Standing 
TLC Pelican Animated
Heart - Tropical Yucca-Cluster 1
Heart - Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed-
Skye Windswept Tree 
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Beach Dune Building Set 
Skye Alligator Apple Bush (small leaf)
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
PILOT - Tropical Shade Pack [Natural/Leather]
[we're CLOSED] old fence 
[we're CLOSED] row boat dark grey drape
[we're CLOSED] boulders light
dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint  (gacha)
Mesh India - 10 MI LightHouse Light (3 LI) (gacha)
Trompe Loeil - Stella Folding Chair
Di'Cor Jessy's Planter
Sway's [Nautical] decoration . letter beach RARE (gacha)
floorplan. leaning oars
{what next} Waterfront Street Light with sign

Sunshine & Sunrays

Sunshine &amp; Sunrays

Hello Everyone, hope your week is going well the weekend is just around the corner and today I got to spend the day shopping but this time not for me but for someone else who has recently joined SL so I am helping set up their avi and learning SL,   I may even show you the items I got and the new look I created in the near future 🙂

But for today I get to show you the beautiful home by Galland Homes called the Peermont.  I thought I would show you the outside first and then hopefully in the near future give you a look of the inside too.

It has a Land Impact of just 136Li and is approximately 20 meters wide by 24 meters deep with a recommendation of 20148 Sq. M. and larger lots.  It’s at Ultra Event now at a sale price of 995L for the duration of the event, I promise it’s not one you want to miss out on.

Have a great evening everyone

Peermont by Galland Homes @ Ultra (NEW)


LB_WeepingHoneyTree{Animated}*4Seasons @ Ultra (NEW)


{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Tree & Welcome Mat (Previous FLF)

{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit) – Large



[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry 03 – random


Serenity Style– Luanes Walls

Serenity Style- Luanes Lattice Wall Large  Shabby

Serenity Style- Luanes Lattice Gate1 Shabby

Serenity Style- Luanes Lattice Gate2 Shabby

Serenity Style- Luanes  Door Post Shabby


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


HEART – Sunflowers – Group 1


HPMD* Dirt Road – light brown

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn

Sunshine &amp; Sunrays

Good evening everyone, yes this is my second post ot the day, can we say addicted much?   Addicted to the gorgeous items and stores that SL has to offer us yes and I am pretty sure I am not alone lol.

Bee Designs has the gorgeous Happy Fall Y’all gacha set for you at Shiny Shabby right now,  so so cute,  I have dressed the scenery with The Little Branch Oak Trees currently available at Hello Tuesday Event,  and it’s at 50% off normal price a bargain not to be missed for sure.

Enjoy and enjoy your night everyone ♥

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Cottage RARE

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Porch Decor RARE

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Decor Bucket

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Porch Decor RARE

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha Barrel with flowers

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Barrel with jacko

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Porch Decor RARE

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Milk Can with flowers

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Console

Bee Designs Happy Fall Y’all Gacha  Lanterns


LB_OakTree.v2{4Seasons}*Animated  @ Hello Tuesday Event (NEW)


Studio Skye – Enchanted Path Building Set – Box

Enchanted Path 90 Corner

Enchanted Path Straight (no transfer)


Studio Skye Temperate Shrubs Set

Skye Temperate Shrubs – Hosta Leaf 2

Skye Temperate Shrubs – Fern Type 2

Skye Temperate Shrubs – Buckeye Large


[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry 04 – random



Your mistakes don’t define you

Your mistakes don't define you



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

HEAD:  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0

EYES:  .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

SKIN:  ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Tan

HAIR:  enVOGUE HAIR – Ramona v1 Right (NEW)

LEGGINGS:  Scandalize. Caitli. @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)




Raindale – Eastmont shed @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)


CHEZ MOI – Kombi Bed Malibu (Adult) @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)


CHEZ MOI – Porch Swing @ Limit8 (NEW)

Porch Swing Rosewood (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Bucket Vintage Flowers CHEZ MOI

Swing Porch Base CHEZ MOI


LB_OakTree.v2{4Seasons}*Animated_7LI @ Limit8 (NEW)


HPMD* WildGrasses – a

HPMD* Dirt Road/curve – light brown


Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal


[we’re CLOSED] shrub large green

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted forest


Runic Design: PAPU Garden SetUp @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Runic Design: PAPU Bird House

Runic Design: PAPU Table

Runic Design: PAPU Garden Chair 1

Runic Design: PAPU Garden Chair 2

Runic Design: PAPU Garden Lamp

Runic Design: PAPU Plant1

Runic Design: PAPU Plant2

Runic Design: PAPU Plant6

Runic Design: PAPU Plant7

Runic Design: PAPU Grill

Runic Design: PAPU Fence Curved 1

Runic Design: PAPU Fence Curved 2

Runic Design: PAPU Fence Curved 3

Runic Design: PAPU Fence Curved 4

Runic Design: PAPU Fence 1

Runic Design: PAPU Fence 2


Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha -Ladybug RARE

Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 2

Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 3

Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Elephant

Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Cow


FAYDED – Fantasy Forest @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

FAYDED – Forest Sofa

FAYDED – Forest Lamp


Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing)


[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random

[we’re CLOSED] shrub large green

[we’re CLOSED] wild flowers



Avenden Cottage – Builders Box…

Raindale have created the 'Avenden' Cottage, exclusively for Builder's Box!

The 'Avenden' Cottage has a land impact of 83, plus there is 15LI to be added if you use the porch lanterns and the optional string lights.  The footprint measures 26M X 22M approx, and has its own rez box, for easy placement.

Ample interior space, with the attic upstairs, and a gorgeous spacious terrace at the back of the build. The ground floor is all open plan living ..with a staircase to the back of the cottage, that leads to the room attic.  The cottage is vintage in style, and gorgeous colour scheme.  There is a small front porch, and the cottage comes with its own string lighting with a hud to turn on and off, and of course, the intensity of lighting.  

Builders Box is a quarterly subscription box, which aims to provide high quality builds, from both new, and already established creators. Ten creators all up, each with their own unique style - quite exciting really!!  The builds themselves will be varied, an an example, skyboxes, homes, and perhaps even business builds.  

Previous Builders Boxes can be found 'here' in Market Place

Information, can be found on the Builders Box website 'here'

or visit in-world headquarters 'here'

unKindness are at Famehed this round (hurry as its soon closing) with a really amazing 'Manor Fence Set'.  This set is just gorgeous, the beautiful textures, and the iron work with rust spots look so real.  Easy to build, with options for full bright to be turned off the round portion of the fence set - when full bright is on, it looks like globes of light .... very pretty.  Also, included is the Lamp Stone Bases, with gorgeous lamps for featuring pathways, or home entrances.  The set also includes a 'destroyed set' which is a darker colour ....

Raindale - Avenden cottage @ Builders Box
uk - Manor Fence Set Fameshed  @ Fameshed
uK - Little Oasis Rocks
Heart - Wildflowers - lily of the Nile - White 
~*S R*~ 4 Season Long Grass
[we're CLOSED] dry weed S
[we're CLOSED] boulders 2 light
[we're CLOSED] pond deck II
Skye Twisted Tree 
TLC Canadian Goose - Standing and Swimming
Cube Republic Sedge 2 Green
Botanical - Waterlily cluster 1 - Yellow 
Botanical - Touch 2 Change Sword Fern
3D Trees - marsh plant 
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy - Patch
[DDD] Twinkling Leafy Bush - Row
{what next}  Bellevie Chair 3 (Bento) FLF
{what next} Bellevie Fire Pit FLF
22769 - Banana Tree in Pot - COMMON (gacha) @ Whimsical

Arthur Cottage, Builders Box

The Builders Box has been released for August, 2017 with some amazing builds, including those from Sways as featured.  Also, Merak, Lagom, Raindale, Kite, Craftwork, Shultz Bros, Thistle Homes, Newchurch and Serenity Style.  You can view all the builds released 'here'...

Builder's Box is a brand new quarterly subscription box which started in May, packed full of nothing but homes, sky-boxes & other builds from 10 great creators. The Builders Box is released every 3 months, and features a mix of both established & newer stores, Builder's Box aims to provide a wide variety of builds from designers who each have their own unique, individual style.

You can read more about Builders Box on the website 'here'.

 You can order in-world HERE (15th of July pre-orders start)

or via Market Place HERE (including previous boxes)

The Arthur Cottage was created by Sway's, who do some pretty amazing builds and creations.  There is a series of various colours available when you unpack the box, including - berry, grass, natural, ocean, sky, and sun. There is a single room inside, with large windows, and an upstairs loft area, with a ladder.  Touching the inside wall, brings up the menu to colour change the interior walls - 12 all up, including some nice patterns.  I must also add, that each of the colours of the cottages, comes with various colours for the inside - not all are the same. Land Impact is 23 plus 1 for the ladder, measuring 12.5 X 9 M and 7.3 M - can be resized, but as always, resizing can impact the LI.

Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . natural @ Builders Box  *New Release
hive // old doorbell (gacha)
~isil~ *Nautica* Seagull - Painted (gacha)
TA Summertime Beach Tote
TA Holidays Kite
[Jammin] Wood & Rope Fencing 
TLC Pelican Animated
TLC Seagull - Standing and Flying
TLC Red-crowned Crane
CONVAIR Plains Windmill
NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Blue
LB_DracaenaTree.@ Deco(c)rate
ionic : Bonfire @ The Chapter 4
..::THOR::.. 9 - Boho Guitar (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. 4 - White Surf (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. 10 - Grunge Barrel Seat (gacha) @ Cosmopolitan
dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint (gacha)
dust bunny . folding side table (gacha)
dust bunny . lounging chair (gacha)
dust bunny . shade umbrella (gacha)
dust bunny . darling hanging plant
Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Tropical Plant 1 (gacha)
Ariskea  [ Porcelain]  Tropical Plant 2 (gacha)
[Brixley] porch rules sign
[ keke ] beers on ice RARE (gacha)
.:revival:. tropical chair and Pillow Basket @ Deco(c)rate
Clothes Line Laundry Day and Washtub CHEZ MOI @ ULTRA
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Sandals Clutter - Row
Kalopsia - Polly's Watermelon Punch
Storax Tree - Seaside Repose Decor Scene
PILOT - Tropical Shade Pack [Tropical]
floorplan. leaning oars
floorplan. clothing optional sign
Botanical - King Fern 
Botanical - Beach Boardwalk
Heart - Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed
Heart - Tropical Yucca
[we're CLOSED] pole with life buoy
[we're CLOSED] dry weed S
[we're CLOSED] boulders 1 light
Skye Beach Dune
Skye Banana Plant
Skye Zingiberaceae
Skye Alligator Apple Bush
Skye Wild Grass
TMG - Coastal Cliff (modified)