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2017 1015 The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair | Canimal@Cosmopolitan | [RA] Hair@We Love Role-Play

The Hounfor

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Oct 15th~)

TLG - Hounfor Gacha

TLG - Hounfor Cabinet
TLG - Hounfor Cards and Runes Prop
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Pink
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Purple
TLG - Hounfor Creepy Rose Teal
TLG - Hounfor Crystal Balls
TLG - Hounfor Desk
TLG - Hounfor Desk Clutter
TLG - Hounfor Fireplace
TLG - Hounfor Moon Shelf RARE
TLG - Hounfor Priestess Drape
TLG - Hounfor Rug
TLG - Hounfor Rug Rack
TLG - Hounfor Skeleton Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skull Chandelier
TLG - Hounfor Skulls Drape
TLG - Hounfor Standard Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 1
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 2
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 3
TLG - Hounfor Star Drape 4
TLG - Hounfor Table
TLG - Hounfor Table Lamp
TLG - Hounfor Totem
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Chair RARE
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Doll Drape
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Stool
TLG - Hounfor Voodoo Wall Hanging
TLG - Hounfor Witches Balls

--- [Canimal]@Cosmopolitan

[Canimal] - Noir Maitreya

--- We<3RP 

[RUNAWAY HAIR] [RA] Cindy Hair

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2017 1006 [White~Widow] Taken Tattoo@Black Fair

[White~Widow] Taken

--- [White~Widow]@Black Fair

[White~Widow] Taken Tatoo - Black (Black, Henna)

--- Avatar

tram G0718 hair
Insol: Mara skin
Insol: "Lily Collection" Brows/Gross/Lips (CATWA)
VoluptasVirtualis //. Koko Eyes
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass
[White~Widow] Taken Tatoo - Black
{vincue} Mini+Kinie - Bra [Hourglass]

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2017 1005 [The Forge]@Salem | The Nightmare Event – [RA] Hair & OLQINU & {C&C}

Gosikku Naitomeah

--- [The Forge]@Salem

[The Forge] Morgan Dress - Maitreya

--- The Nightmare Event

[RA] Wicca Hair /w hat

Shadow Room Skybox

OLQINU : gothic nightmare gacha (20types) -
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <blood bottles>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <blood puddle rug>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <coffin shelf>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <crescent moon rug>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <curse mirror>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <eyeball jar>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <gothic nightmare sign>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <horrible documents>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <lacy round table>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <magic circle rug>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <melting mirror>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <mystery hand sculpture> RARE
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <nightmare hole rug>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <occult desk>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <planchette low table>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <raven statue> RARE
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <satanic pillow>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <sorcery books>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <spooky storage>
OLQINU : gothic nightmare <vampire skull candle>

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2017 1004 NAMINOKE@MATSURI | We Love Role-Play – {Your Dreams}

Spider Lily


*NAMINOKE*SpiderLily Accessories
*N*SpiderLily HairStick A Red R
*N*SpiderLily HairStick B Red
*N*SpiderLily Mask- Red (Stamp Rally prize)
*N*SpiderLily Pierce Red L
*N*SpiderLily Pierce Red R
*N*SpiderLily Deco 2Li Red

--- We<3RP (Starts 4th 1PM~)

{Your Dreams} {YD} Cute troll's house

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2017 1001 .AiShA. Kunoichi Gacha@The Gacha Guardians

九 Kunoichi 一

--- .AiShA.@The Gacha Guardians

.AiShA. Kunoichi Gacha

.AiShA. Kunoichi Jacket Red
.AiShA. Kunoichi Dress Red
.AiShA. Kunoichi Obi Black
.AiShA. Kunoichi Leather Socks Red
.AiShA. Kunoichi Shuriken
.AiShA. Kunoichi Shuriken Gift (one with Roses)

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2017 0928 [White~Widow] Mustang Tattoo@Kinky

[White~Widow] Mustang

--- [White~Widow]@Kinky

[White~Widow] Mustang Tattoo - Henna (Black, Henna, White)

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2017 0915 The Looking Glass – The Chosen One Gacha@The Secret Affair

The Chosen One

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Affair (Sep 15th~)

TLG - "The Chosen One" Gacha

TLG - "The Chosen One" Cages 1 and 2 RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Rotunda RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" Side Table
TLG - "The Chosen One" Cage the Demon
TLG - "The Chosen One" ?Wine?
TLG - "The Chosen One" Garden Casket
TLG - "The Chosen One" Fountain
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar
TLG - "The Chosen One" Candle Pillar with Rosary
TLG - "The Chosen One" Velvet Rope Pack
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Right
TLG - "The Chosen One" Tree Left
TLG - "The Chosen One" Staircase
TLG - "The Chosen One" Drapes
TLG - "The Chosen One" Light Projector

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2017 0912 We Love Role-Play – The Annex, Paper Moon, Kunglers

Flying one?

--- We<3RP 

- The Annex - Yasmina Gown - Blue - MAITREYA
*paper moon* *pm* Rug Merchant Rugs
- (Kunglers) Nadir necklace - Sapphire

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2017 0909 [White~Widow] Brimstone Tattoo@On9

The best in town

--- [White~Widow]@On9

 [White~Widow] Brimstone Tattoo (Azur, Black, Henna, White)

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2017 0906 We Love Role-Play – Mkbcult Weapons & Sweet Lies Designs


--- We<3RP

MKbcult Weapons Juuzou's Jason Scythe (25% Off@Event)

-= Sweet Lies Designs =- *SL* Juana Dress - Blue

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